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The Greenwich Boot Breakdown

We received a new delivery of our Greenwich Boot by Alden. If you missed them the first time you might want to check them out this time. The boots are made by Alden to our exact specifications and we thought you might like to know the level of detail that goes into creating a new model with Alden.

To begin with we chose the last, in this case the Barrie last arguably the most comfortable and best fitting of all Alden lasts. The uppers are Horween Chamois* a fat liquored, mill dyed leather, that is incredibly soft and supple. Next we removed the speed hooks and went with agatine eyelets all the way up for a simple unified look.

We built these boots on Flex Welt soles, which are oil soaked for flexibility but also have a high degree of water resistance and often referred to as double water-lock soles. We then requested a mid tan pre-stitch reverse welt** to give it some muscle, and had the welt continue around the back of the heel rather than stop at the breast ***. The last step was the laces and for that we chose flat waxed.

And there you have it. That and a great shoe company to work with and you got yourself a real beauty, a boot the New York Times called “strapping” and made “Exclusively for Leffot, a stylish downtown men’s shoe store”.

Greenwich Boot Barrie Last, Navy Chamois, Flex Welt Soles – Sold Out

*oiled nubuc leather

**storm welt

***a term that refers to the front edge of the heel