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The Candidate’s Shoes

The Presidential campaign is officially in high gear, and with all the media coverage there is one area I have heard nothing about. What kind of shoes are these candidates wearing? This is not as simple to answer as it sounds. I have searched 1000’s of images of both candidates and found very few pictures that include a shoe on them. Given the calculated way every aspect of the campaign is managed I tend to think this may be another of those calculations.

I am not making any endorsements but if there is still a difference between the Democratic and Republican candidates that has yet to be uncovered I wish to put it forth here. I present the best images of candidate footwear I could find.

Black oxfords well shined

Black loafers with gold buckles needing a shine

Black oxfords well shined

Black loafers gold buckle well shined

One more time

And one more time

Given the fact that candidates travel for so many months I have to assume they find these styles comfortable and I hope they have more than one pair to rotate. What surprised me most is that the Republican wears the soft loafers and the Democrat is all laced up. I don’t know what it means, perhaps it’s just an indication of what we can expect the winner to wear in January when he’s sworn in as the next President of the United States. Personally I think they can do better.