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Tag: vintage chestnut

Gaziano & Girling Woburn

We have received a stock order of the Gaziano & Girling Woburn in Vintage Chestnut. This is a classic wingtip Derby made all the more stylish with inimitable G&G gusto. While the wingtip may be a centuries old style, its received a 21st century update with sleek lines and a sharp toe box.

Vintage Chestnut is striking when worn with grey’s and blues. Pair these with jeans, tropical grey pants, or a blue suit for useful spring and summer looks.

Check availability HERE.

Woburn MH71 Last, Vintage Chestnut, Oak Bark Soles

Gaziano & Girling MTO’s

In advance of our trunk show October 12th we received a delivery of Gaziano & Girling made to order shoes. It’s easy to see why these shoes are so desirable they’re simply sexy as all hell.

Stop by and have a look for yourself if you’re in the City we guarantee you’ll like what you see.

Cooper Deco Last, Vintage Oak, Deco Soles – MTO

Burnham TG73 Last, Espresso Calf, Oak Bark Soles – MTO

Gable (modified) MH71 Last, Black Calf, Oak Bark Soles – MTO

Kent MH71 Last, Vintage Chestnut/Peanut Brittle Croc, Oak Bark Soles – MTO

Holden Deco Last, Black Calf, Deco Soles – MTO

St. Ives KN14 Last, Polo Suede, Oak Bark Soles – MTO

New Gaziano & Girling Stock

In 2008 Leffot became the first stockist of Gaziano & Girling shoes in North America. We’ve seen the continual progress and refinements they’ve made, which has enhanced their footwear to arguably one of the finest contemporary English made shoes today. In fact we’d be hard pressed to name an English shoe designer more talented than Tony Gaziano.

As spring approaches we begin re-stocking Gaziano & Girling ready to wear shoes. Six models in all will be available this season beginning with these two handsome devils Burlington & Walkton.

We invite you to join us for our spring Trunk Show on April 7th from 11am-7pm as Tony Gaziano presents the New York debut of their highly awaited Deco Range. Orders will be accepted for all Made to Order, Deco and Bespoke shoes at the event, we hope to see you there.

Burlington TG73 Last, Vintage Chestnut, Oak Bark Soles

Walkton DG70 Last, Vintage Cherry/Chestnut Pingrain, Oak Bark Soles

Gaziano & Girling MTO

Presenting the latest two pairs of Gaziano & Girling shoes made to order the Woburn and Windsor. Tony Gaziano is a brilliant designer his shoes are artful and refined and the fit and bench-made quality is top notch.

We will be receiving six new stock lines later this month, which we will post as soon as they arrive. For a list of what’s on order please refer to the bottom of this post.

We’d also like to remind you of our upcoming Gaziano & Girling Trunk Show April 7th with Tony Gaziano, we hope to see you there.

MTO is Made To Order these shoes are not in stock.

Woburn MH71 Last, Vintage Chestnut, Oak Bark Soles

Windsor MH71 Last, Espresso Calf, Oak Bark Soles – MTO

We will be receiving six new stock models from Gaziano & Girling mid March. All G&G shoes are UK sized in E width. In general you will need to size down one half size from your US size.

Gable MH71 Last Espresso Calf, Oak Bark Soles

Oxford GG06 Last, Black Calf, Oak Bark Soles

Cannes KN14 Last, Brown English Grain, Oak Bark Soles

Walkton DG70 Last, Vintage Cherry, Oak Bark Soles

Arran TG73 Last, Brown Hatch Grain, Double Leather Soles

Burlington TG73 Last, Vintage Chestnut, Oak Bark Soles

New Gaziano & Girling Stock Shoes

Two new Gaziano & Girling’s models have arrived. Both are very handsome and feature the narrow waist and fiddle back soles which is the hallmark of G&G. Sophisticated, and stylish in colors that are rich and versatile, Gaziano & Girling’s mission is to create a bespoke aesthetic in a ready to wear shoe. The styling is pure Tony Gaziano, and the craftsmanship is every bit of Dean Girling. We tip or hat to you gentleman, mission accomplished.

Woburn MH71, Vintage Chestnut

Hayes TG73, Vintage Rioja


Our recent delivery of Gaziano & Girling MTO’s featured the following styles,

The Gable MH71 Last in Polo Suede

The Windsor MH71 Last in Vintage Oak

The Canterbury GG06 Last in Black Calf

The Hughes TG73 Last in Vintage Cedar

The Westbury TG73 Last in Vintage Rioja

The Mitchell TG73 Last in Vintage Chestnut

The Eton MH71 Last in Walnut Grain on Dainite Soles