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Pierre Corthay Vendome

There are a lot of wingtips, but like everything Pierre Corthay makes, the Vendome wingtip is in a class of its own.

This shoe is all about angles and curves: its broguing follows winding lines from the wingtip front to the side panels to the heel counter. The Vendome’s sloping modern shape is the perfect finish to its design. Made in Bergeronette calfskin, these are unmistakably sophisticated shoes.

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001 Last, Bergeronette Calf, Single Leather Soles

Corthay, Vendome Graphite

Pierre Corthay is not just a cool guy he also happens to design positively killer shoes. Take the Vendome for instance, a wingtip both suave and svelte with a low profile wing and a sleek chiseled toe, which is typical of the sophisticated styling that is signature Corthay.

And if style alone weren’t enough he is a master of color, developing patinas to create truly unique and very special (read) “limited” masterpieces.

The color of our latest Vendome is Graphite, a cool dark slightly metallic grey that is subtly enhanced by the lighter inside edge of the punching.

Style note: These shoes look particularly fine with a charcoal/white pinstripe suit. Trust us we’ve seen it.

Vendome 001 Last, Graphite – Stock


This Pierre Corthay wingtip has been coming on strong for a while. Normally produced on the 001 last we have also had it made up on the 002, needless to say both are very handsome.

What distinguishes this shoe from more traditional wingtips is the low profile of the wing, a more modern toe medallion, along with the sleek styling, which is synonymous with Pierre; this is a very elegant and sophisticated shoe.

Vendome 001 Last Lie de Vin – MTO*

Lie de Vin - Leffot

Vendome 001 Last Veau Olive – MTO*

Veau Olive - Leffot

Vendome 001 Last Bois de Rose – MTO*

Bois de Rose 1 - Leffot

Vendome 002 Last Blue Suede – MTO*

Blue Sude - Leffot

Vendome 001 Last Olive Box Cuir – MTO*

Olive Box Cuir - Leffot

Vendome 001 Last Bois de Rose- MTO*

Bois de Rose 2 - Leffot

*MTO footwear is not part of our stock lines, they are Made To Order.

Corthay in Living Color

The Corthay Vendome wingtip has really taken on a life of it’s own recently. I happen to love this model and apparently so do several others. What I really love is when someone does a shoe in a unique color. Here are two pair of Vendome MTO’s that fit the bill.

Vendome Blue Suede 002 Last – MTO

Vendome Blue Suede - Leffot

Vendome Olive Calf 001 Last – MTO

Vendome Olive Calf - Leffot