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Leffot PSA

For what it’s worth and in my opinion it’s worth a lot, dressing for success is more important than ever. It’s not that difficult and since you have but one chance to make a first impression, you owe it to yourself to make the most of it. Whether you’re working in a corporate environment, interviewing for your next position or climbing the proverbial ladder, appearance matters a great deal especially these days.

I’ve written about the importance of wearing quality footwear and the difference it makes on your entire wardrobe, but a recent Wall Street Journal article motivated me to repeat the message. In today’s business climate it’s more important than ever to convey a sense of professionalism, success, credibility and style, and it starts as always with a pair of quality shoes.

Which is to say a well maintained and shined pair of shoes will support you and your wardrobe for many years. It will also demonstrate your understanding for quality and value, while ensuring you look professional, successful, and well groomed all of which are valuable assets.

The Value of Quality

I received a call from a gentleman who was inquiring about the Edward Green Southwold. In short he related to me the story of how he came to understand the value of such a shoe and how he explained the cost of a pair of E.G. shoes to his girlfriend in terms of cost averaging. Makes sense to me; as I told him I’ve been talking about this for quite a while. For those who are not familiar with this theory let me explain.

The other day a man in his mid 60’s came into the shop with his wife and son, he saw the Church’s shoes on display and proudly announced that the shoes he had on were Church’s and he had been wearing them for 20 plus years. He had taken good care and resoled them and was still wearing them. In fact they were the Diplomat in Brown Nevada Calf that we sell today. In today’s market he would pay $680 for those shoes; average that over 20 years and that’s $34 a year. Sure new sole adds something more but still that’s pretty impressive and that’s cost averaging.

The point is that he made an investment in a pair of shoes more than 20 years ago and is still wearing and enjoying them. How many things can we use and enjoy over that period of time? And that is merely the practical aspect.

A pair of quality shoes has value beyond their years. What they add to a wardrobe is unquantifiable. The better the shoe the better your wardrobe. It’s as simple as that. I’ve said this before but it bears repeating because now is a time for wise investing, and the wisest of men understand this. You can spend ten thousand dollars from your ankles up but it won’t mean squat if you’re wearing cheap shoes.