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Gaziano & Girling This Week

Our G&G Trunk Show is this week Wednesday October 12th we invite you to join us when Dean Girling will be here to present their Deco, MTO and Bespoke collections.

MTO shoes can be made on your choice of G&G lasts shown below. Deco shoes are made on the specially designed Deco last. All shoes may be ordered in your choice of leather, color, soles and size.

Gaziano & Girling shoes are like no other English benchmade shoe. The combination of Tony Gaziano’s sophisticated, bespoke inspired design and the highest level of quality handmaking overseen by Dean Girling is what make these shoes truly special.

The result is evident the moment you slip them on. The fit is incredible while the look is pure G&G. If you are an enthusiast of high quality craftsmanship and appreciate the difference made to order shoes have on your overall appearance and wardrobe you really owe it to yourself to try a pair of G&G custom made shoes.

Burlington TG73 Last, Black Calf, Oak Bark Soles

Corniche KN14 Last, Mole Suede, Oak Bark Soles

Walkton DG70 Last, Vintage Cherry/Chestnut Pingrain, Oak Bark Soles

Arran TG73 Last, Brown Hatch Grain, Double Leather Soles

Woburn MH71 Last, Vintage Chestnut, Oak Bark Soles

Oxford, GG06 Last, Black Calf, Oak Bark Soles

Gaziano & Girling Deco Range

Earlier this year Gaziano & Girling introduced a new range of shoes, which they’ve named Deco*. The name comes from their “Interpretation of 1920’s and 1930’s high society footwear.” What makes this range special is the additional hand making and bespoke quality materials that goes into every pair. These shoes are as close to bespoke as you can get because all of the Deco waists and soles are hand finished, and the uppers are hand lasted.

G&G has designed a new Deco last for the range that all models are made on. The last reintroduces the Spade waist, which is very narrow. There is also a new leather called Deco black, which has a bleached or aged look but all models can be made in any leather. Each pair comes with lasted shoetrees in a bespoke shoebox.

We are pleased to present the New York debut of the Deco range on Thursday April 7th when Tony Gaziano joins us for our spring trunk show. Tony will be accepting orders for Bespoke, Deco and Made to Order pairs, we hope to see you there.

The Waist

Cooper, Black Calf

Joyce, Black Buck Suede

Collcut, Black Deco Calf

Bates, Black Deco Calf

The Profile

Rogers, Black Deco Calf

Bowlly, Black Deco Calf

Holden, Black Calf

Byron, Black Calf, Black Buck Suede

The Waist Rear

Cliffe, Black Buck Suede

Ellington, Black Alligator

Cooper, Black Alligator

Papworth, Black Deco Calf

Deco Shoetrees


*Deco shoes are available on a Made to Order basis only.

Gaziano & Girling Trunk Show

You are cordially invited to join us Thursday April 7th from 11am–7pm when Tony Gaziano presents Gaziano & Girling’s latest Ready to Wear and Bespoke collections and the New York premiere of their highly anticipated Deco Range.

Tony Gaziano is arguably England’s most talented bespoke shoemaker. He will be here to discuss Made to Order shoes and accept your Bespoke and Ready to Wear orders.

Trunk shows are a fantastic opportunity to see shoe samples first hand and ask questions directly to the manufacturer. Tony will be happy to answer your footwear questions, and we will be happy to offer suggestions, and guidance.

G&G Magic

There’s no doubt we see a lot of beautiful shoes. But every once in a while a spectacular pair comes our way. One of our clients recently received delivery of his first pair of Gaziano & Girling Bespoke shoes. These are full bespoke made to the measurements and taste of Mr. C. He was kind enough to bring them to us to be photographed and he agreed to let us share them here.

Mr. C. did not reveal the model beforehand and when I opened the box I believe I gasped in awe. What can you say other than Tony Gaziano makes incredibly gorgeous shoes.

If you’re New York April 7th stop by and visit us from 11-7 when Tony Gaziano will be here with samples of their Ready to Wear, Bespoke and newly released Deco Range (more on those soon).

Gaziano & Girling Bespoke Balmoral Espresso Calf and Crocodile – Priceless

Gaziano & Girling MTO

Presenting the latest two pairs of Gaziano & Girling shoes made to order the Woburn and Windsor. Tony Gaziano is a brilliant designer his shoes are artful and refined and the fit and bench-made quality is top notch.

We will be receiving six new stock lines later this month, which we will post as soon as they arrive. For a list of what’s on order please refer to the bottom of this post.

We’d also like to remind you of our upcoming Gaziano & Girling Trunk Show April 7th with Tony Gaziano, we hope to see you there.

MTO is Made To Order these shoes are not in stock.

Woburn MH71 Last, Vintage Chestnut, Oak Bark Soles

Windsor MH71 Last, Espresso Calf, Oak Bark Soles – MTO

We will be receiving six new stock models from Gaziano & Girling mid March. All G&G shoes are UK sized in E width. In general you will need to size down one half size from your US size.

Gable MH71 Last Espresso Calf, Oak Bark Soles

Oxford GG06 Last, Black Calf, Oak Bark Soles

Cannes KN14 Last, Brown English Grain, Oak Bark Soles

Walkton DG70 Last, Vintage Cherry, Oak Bark Soles

Arran TG73 Last, Brown Hatch Grain, Double Leather Soles

Burlington TG73 Last, Vintage Chestnut, Oak Bark Soles

G&G No Strings Attached

Two very handsome Gaziano & Girling MTO’s without laces. It’s impossible to over state how elegant the shoes of Messrs Gaziano & Girling are, and yet trying them only enhances the experience a thousand fold. Both of these shoes are super chic; perhaps its time to add some G&G’s without laces to our stock collection.

Windsor MH71 Last Espresso Calf – MTO*

Monaco MH71 Last Vintage Oak – MTO*

*MTO footwear is not part of our stock lines they are Made To Order.