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Tag: split toe

Gaziano & Girling Hove

Peccary leather is often used for gloves. It’s light weight and softness make it perfect for the nimble action needed in the sensitive areas of the palm and fingers, and its surprising durability make it very useful for the constant gripping of objects and surfaces.

We’ve made Gaziano & Girling’s hand-stitched reverse split toe shoe, the Hove, in beautiful dark brown Peccary leather, the hide of the Peccary boar. These shoes have a uniquely textured finish, blucher style lacing, and single leather soles, making for a lightweight, supple, refined casual shoe.

TG73 Last, Oak Pig Skin, Single Leather Soles


Edward Green Dover

If you are to own just one Edward Green model, it should be this one. The Dover is a shoe made for just about any occasion you can think of, unmatched in simplicity, elegance, and understatement.

Its permanent style and impressive longevity are a result of the meticulous process of its creation. Tales of its handsewn apron and reverse split toe are legendary and rightfully so. Each is sewn by expert craftsmen who use pigs bristles rather than metal needles. The preparation of the thread itself is a major undertaking combining several long strands and bonding them with wax then splitting the end of the bristle and lashing the thread to it.

So much of what goes into finely crafted shoes is taken for granted. It’s difficult to appreciate the level of skill, time and artisan-ship it takes to produce a pair if you haven’t seen it first hand. It’s remarkable really that in today’s high tech, automated world there are products which are still made by way of tradition. Something’s are best left unchanged.

This particular Dover tends towards the casual side, utilizing sturdy Walnut Country Calf and hard-wearing Dainite soles. The result is a beautiful, classic shoe fit for everyday, no-nonsense wear.


Dover 606 Last, Walnut Country Calf, Dainite Soles

Gaziano & Girling Antibes, Made to Order

It’s always a pleasure to open a box of Gaziano & Girling shoes and even more so when it’s a long awaited pair of shoes Made to Order (MTO). This pair of Antibes loafers was well worth the wait judging by the look on our client’s face who flew over as soon as they arrived.

The remarkable feature of this model is the reverse handsewn apron and split toe seam. One can only imagine the level of skill and craftsmanship it takes to perform this task without flaw.

The best things in life take time and are most certainly worth the wait. And when it comes to hand crafted shoes quality cannot be rushed.

Antibes, KN14 Last, Brown English Grain, Oak Bark Soles – MTO