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Ivy Loafer Restock

There really is something to be said for simplicity. It takes great design and execution to pull it of successfully. In terms of footwear, our Ivy loafers are basically as simple as a leather shoe gets, utilizing a few details that put these shoes front and center.

Made in lustrous Horween shell cordovan, each pair of Ivy loafers is meticulously sewn by hand. The simple design allows the deep shine of the leather to resonate in the subtle folds of the toe and wide expanse of the shoe’s unadorned vamp.

With a little aging, this unlined shoe will mold to your feet, developing an individual character of its own. These are so lightweight, flexible and soft you may not want to take them off.

Our Ivy Loafers are made exclusively for Leffot by the good folks at Rancourt & Co. Lewiston, Maine. We have them in relatively limited supply in two colors, the Natural and Navy.

Navy Shell Cordovan

Natural Shell Cordovan

The Ivy Shell Game

The fourth and final color (for now) of the Ivy loafer has arrived and it’s gorgeous. This is Color 6 one of the most beautiful burgundy’s there is. Most everyone is familiar with Color 8 a dark rich burgundy, Color 6 has less intensity than 8 and is brighter which makes the pull-up* more pronounced, a desirable effect and tell tale sign you’re wearing shoes made of cordovan.

We couldn’t be happier with the way these shoes turned out, our thanks to Ron Rider of Rider Boot Co, for all your help in getting them to market. To Mike Rancourt and his talented staff of hand sewers at Rancourt & Co, you’ve done yourselves proud, and to Horween Leather for producing the finest shell* cordovan on the planet for over 100 years.

The Ivy – Horween Unlined Color 6 Shell Cordovan

The Ivy – Horween Unlined Navy Shell Cordovan

The Ivy – Horween Unlined Dark Cognac Shell Cordovan

The Ivy – Horween Unlined Natural Shell Cordovan

*Pull-up – A temporary lightening in color achieved by bending leather. This is caused by the temporary displacement of oils, greases, and/or waxes. – Horween Leather.

*Shell – The subcutaneous, highly dense fiber structure found in the backside of a horse or mule. – Horween Leather.