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Leffot Pre-owned: Monkstraps

Monkstraps come in all shapes and sizes. This week we’re featuring a selection from Edward Green, Alfred Sargent, John Lobb, and Corthay.

Edward Green Westminster – UK9.5/US10F

Edward Green Westminster – UK9.5/US10F.

John Lobb Brentwood – UK 10E

John Lobb Brentwood – UK 10E.

Alfred Sargent Ramsey – UK 9.5F

Alfred Sargent Ramsey – UK 9.5F.

Edward Green Audley – UK10.5/US11E

Edward Green Audley – UK10.5/US11E.

Corthay Arca Monk – US 10.5D

Corthay Arca Monk – US 10.5D.

Alfred Sargent Ramsey – UK 7E

Alfred Sargent Ramsey – UK 7E.

Edward Green Chartwell – UK9/US9.5D

Edward Green Chartwell – UK9/US9.5D.

New arrivals on Leffot Pre-owned

Every Tuesday we release new shoes on Leffot Pre-owned, our marketplace for gently-worn, high-quality footwear. Today we’re featuring a selection from Edward Green, Alden, and Gaziano & Girling.

Alden x Brooks Brothers Tassel Loafer – US 10.5D

Alden x Brooks Brothers Tassel Loafer – US 10.5D.

This pair of tassel loafers in snuff suede are an easy, comfy shoe for summer. Wear them with white denim for a sharp casual look, or pair them with a grey suit for a relaxed business look.


Gaziano & Girling Warwick – UK 7.5D

Gaziano & Girling Warwick – UK 7.5D.

Gaziano & Girling’s take on classic shoes goes above and beyond. Each pair is elegant, sleek, and refined. These Warwicks are no exception. Made in Vintage Cherry calfskin, they pair well with a navy or grey suit.


Edward Green x Ralph Lauren Harrogate – UK9/US9.5D

Edward Green x Ralph Lauren Harrogate – UK9/US9.5D.

The spectator was made for summer, and Edward Green sure knows how to make them. This pair in Burnt Pine calfskin and Beige Nubuck was originally made for Ralph Lauren.


Edward Green Malvern – UK9/US9.5D

Edward Green Malvern – UK9/US9.5D.

When fall rolls around, you’ll need to be prepared, and these Malverns are just the ticket. Made in rosewood country calf on rubber Dainite soles, they’re ideal for wet weather. Wear them on a rainy day with a pair of cords and a Barbour jacket or with jeans and a sweater.


Alden x Leffot Longwing – US 8.5D

Alden x Leffot Longwing – US 8.5D.

The Alden longwing is a classic American shoe. Made on double leather soles in Horween’s brown Chromexcel leather, this pair is a slightly more casual take on the LWB. Wear them with jeans, chinos, or cords.


Before and After

A customer recently brought us a pair of Alden color 8 Longwings to sell as part of our pre-owned program. Sometimes you have to look beyond the obvious to find the true beauty in things. This pair had some miles on them but there was still plenty of gas in the tank.

As you can see in the photo below, there was a build up of black polish on the vamp. It felt slightly gritty, not smooth the way shell normally feels.

Alden color 8 Longwings before polishing.Repeated polishing had left a buildup of black polish on the vamp.

We started by simply wiping the shoes off with a cloth, followed by a coat of Saphir Renovateur. Many of you are familiar with this product. It’s milky, gentle, and spreads well, so a little dab goes a long way. You may notice on Alden color 8 shoes the Reno removes a bit of color. That is what we were looking for. We cleaned the the entire shoe, then buffed.

We needed a stronger product to remove the polish buildup. We went with Saphir Réno’Mat, which is a strong leather cleaner with a pungent smell. We applied small amounts to a cloth and rubbed lightly over the wax buildup. You could immediately see the old polish coming off onto the rag. We repeated this step several times.

Réno’Mat can leave the leather looking a little dry. We went back to the Renovateur, and then a combination of both together. The important thing is to go little by little, using small amounts. On hard-to-clean spots we used the rounded end of a deer bone to rub away the polish.

One light shoe and one dark shoe.One shoe was darker than the other, so we used Boot Black Collections Creme to match them.

After repeating the process for the second shoe, we noticed the colors weren’t quite the same. The solution was to use Boot Black Collections Creme to darken and match the pair. Collections Creme contains very intense color pigment, so it’s best used for burnishing or adding color saturation. Take a small amount on a cloth and rub in lightly until you achieve the desired color.

Before and after polishing.The final result

New releases on Leffot Pre-owned

Every Tuesday we release new shoes on Leffot Pre-owned, our marketplace for gently-worn, high-quality footwear. Today we’re featuring a selection of boots from Edward Green, John Lobb, Oak Street Bootmakers, and Alden.

John Lobb Livonia – UK 6.5E

John Lobb Livonia – UK 6.5E.

The Livonia is the ultimate boat shoe. Goodyear welted like all John Lobbs, it’s a refined, elegant take on a summer staple.


Edward Green Buckingham – UK9/US9.5D

Edward Green Buckingham – UK9/US9.5D.

Edward Green’s Buckingham is an unlined loafer made in walnut country calf. This pair was originally produced for Alan Flusser, and features a canted heel that’s slightly lower than normal.


Edward Green Chelsea – UK8.5/US9E

Edward Green Chelsea – UK8.5/US9E.

The Chelsea is a classic. This pair, in mink suede, is an ideal shoe for summer. Wear them with white denim or a navy blue suit for a sharp, sophisticated look.


Alden Chukka – US 12.5D

Alden Chukka – US 12.5D.

The classic shell cordovan chukka as made by Alden. They don’t make em much tougher than this.


Leffot Barrow – UK 9E

Leffot Barrow – UK 9E.

Our Barrow boot is made on red brick Dainite soles, which are summer classics. The navy suede pairs well with khakis or jeans — particularly white denim.


Oak Street Trench Boot – US 7.5D

Oak Street Trench Boot – US 7.5D.

These Trench Boots will stand up to anything. Made in brown waxed flesh on rugged soles, they’re a sturdy, American-made boot for casual wear.


Sell your shoes!

Sell your unworn shoes.

Sell your unworn shoes.

We all have shoes we don’t wear. They sit in the backs of our closets, gathering dust and waiting to be worn. What can we do? Sure, there’s eBay, but who has the time?

In late July we launched Leffot Pre-owned as a way to help with this predicament. We purchase your shoes either in cash or merchandise credit up front. You leave the selling to us.

We mainly purchase the brands we stock, but we also accept other brands on a case-by-case basis. So far we’ve purchased Crockett & Jones, Berluti and Camina.

If you live near one of our stores, you can bring your shoes in for evaluation. We’ll quote you a price based on the condition of your shoes.

If you don’t live near a store, you can still sell your shoes. Follow the steps in this guide and we can provide you with a quote.

We offer cash or store credit for your shoes. We base our offer on our resale price. Learn more about payment options here.

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New arrivals on Leffot Pre-owned

Every Tuesday we release new shoes on Leffot Pre-owned, our marketplace for gently-worn, high-quality footwear. Today we’re featuring a few pairs in black calfskin, which we find isn’t as hard to wear as you might think it is.

Edward Green Pimlico – UK10/US10.5E

Edward Green Pimlico – UK10/US10.5E.

Edward Green’s Pimlico is a sharp penny loafer with handsewing along the vamp. They pair excellently with a suit, and even with jeans for a smart causal look.


Edward Green Chelsea – UK9.5/US10D

Edward Green Chelsea – UK9.5/US10D.

Edward Green’s Chelsea is perhaps the classic cap toe oxford. It does not get any more traditional than when it’s done in black calfskin. Wear with a charcoal suit or even a tux and you’ll have the sharpest shoes in the room.


Church’s Westbury – UK 7.5F

Church's Westbury – UK 7.5F.

Of course it’s possible to wear black casually. Pair these Church’s monkstraps with a pair of dark jeans and a crisp shirt for a clean look.