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Tag: polished binder

Church’s Westbury – MTO

The Westbury monk strap by Church’s is one of their classic styles. When our client D.G. requested these two pair we knew there was going to be a twist. That’s because he had previously ordered a pair of Grafton’s made up as a spectator, which was very unique.

I like it when customers have shoes made up that are one of a kind. I admire those that can envision a pair in a way that is singular and special, these two fit that bill.

Westbury Black Polished Binder/Black Patent, Dainite Soles – MTO*

Westbury - Leffot 1

Westbury Burgundy Polished Binder/Tabacco Grain, Dainite Soles – MTO*

Westbury - Leffot 2

*MTO footwear is not part of our stock lines, they are Made To Order.

It’s Hip To Be Square

The Westbury by Church’s English Shoes is admittedly a very basic monk strap. But that is the appeal of it for me.

Legend has it that these were the dress uniform shoes for officers of the British Military. Ours are in polished binder, which will keep them spit shined and looking great with a business suit or a pair of skinny jeans.

I know I have a habit of saying that but its big point with me. Shoes even thought they may look dressy are versatile and can be worn dressed up or down.

“You can never be overdressed or over educated.” Oscar Wilde

The Westbury in Black Polished Binder on the 173 Last

If Anyone Can Church’s Can

As in all aspects of life people have their preconceived ideas and it’s no different when it comes to shoes. I like Church’s English Shoes for a number of reasons.

They have longevity; they make classic/traditional shoes, and have now expanded to Woman’s styles. They have a large core stock in the UK and if we need a shoe it can usually be here via FedEx within a week if it’s on the shelf.

But one of the things I like most about them is that for a large company by Northampton standards they are incredibly flexible and reliable.

This past summer a client was looking for a pair of the Consul’s and wanted them in Tabacco Nevada Calf, which we sell, but he needed a UK size 5F. Not a problem, after we tried a similar shoe on the same last an MTO pair was made for him. His delight of being able to wear “men’s” shoes and not having to shop in the boys department was life changing for him.

On the other end of the scale is our client Mitch who wears a UK 13G that’s a US 14EEE. He’s ordered the Grafton and we have just received two pairs of Shannon’s one in Black the other in Light Ebano. He too is extremely excited to be able to get the kind of shoes he’s always wanted without having to search for a needle in a haystack.

Shannon in Black Polished Binder Polished Binder on Dainite Soles Size UK 13G

Shannon in Light Ebano Polished Binder on Dainite Soles Size UK 13G

As Ed Sullivan would have said “A really big shoe”

For Those Women That Love Men’s Shoes

We’ve noticed over time that many women seem to be drawn to men’s shoes. I can only speculate why that is, appreciation for quality, sensibly made shoes, comfort, perhaps even nostalgic memories of shopping with their fathers.

We’ve heard your voice and now offer a range of women’s styles produced by Church’s English shoes. These are women’s styles created with more finesse and lighter than the men’s styles they are based on. They fit great and are perfect with jeans, or skirts. We invite you to come in and try a pair on for yourself.

The Monmouth in Black Polish Fume with Rubber Soles – $460

The Thalia in Black Printed Snake on Leather Soles – $440

The Burwood in Sandalwood Polished Binder on Leather Soles – $425

The Ketsby in Black Polished Binder on Leather Soles – $460

The Shannon in Black Patent Leather on Leather Soles – $440