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Saphir Medaille D’or

We’ve recently received new stock of our popular Saphir shoe care products. Saphir Medaille D’or products are quite simply the finest system of shoe care products available today. This exclusive line has its origins in formulations that have earned Saphir the award of the GOLD MEDAL, PARIS 1925.

To view the full selection of Saphir products, visit out Online Store HERE.

Saphir Rénovateur is possibly the most valuable shoe care product you can buy. It cleans, conditions, and shines all at once. It works on a variety of leathers, from shell cordovan, to rugged Chromexcel, to fine calfskin. Use it before shining or just as a rejuvenating application. This and an occasional application of wax polish is all the cordovan leather really needs to be maintained.

Saphir Wax products bring unmatched shine to your calfskin shoes. Composed of turpentine, vegetable waxes, animal and mineral fossils, its formula is unchanged and has not suffered the technical progress of chemistry such as the addition of silicones and resins.

Saphir Crème is an all-natural product meant for adding color and shine to shoes. Use it when correcting scuffs or darkening the color of your shoes. Use in conjunction with Rénovateur and Wax for the full Saphir shoe care system.

A large brush is an essential tool for shoe care. Use it for buffing shoes after polish application. Saphir’s large brush is made from 100% horse hair, densely packed into its wide brushing area for an easier, faster, and better looking shine. Look for Saphir’s Dauber and Jar Brush for the application of polish and use in hard to access areas of the shoe, such as the welt and tongue.

A shoe care box is a nice finishing touch to your collection of shoe care products. These boxes only get better with age and as you use this over the years to care for your shoes, they will develop a character of their own.

Groom Kits Redux

We had such great response to the La Cordonnerie Anglaise Groom Kits that we sold them out. We just received another of the Ebony Boxes, which includes 6 brushes, 1 shoehorn, 1 renovator, 1 Shampoo, 2 waxes, and 1 chamois; and measures 22.5×19×15 cm.

We also received a Black Leather travel kit, which includes 2 jars of polish, 1 shoehorn, 1 chamois, and 3 brushes.

These kits are beautifully made and very handsome not to mention a great way to keep your shoes looking their best.

The Shoes in the Window

This week we have the new Edward Green Midford in Black Calf on the 82 last in our window. I think of this new cap toe as an updated version of the Chelsea. I also like the 82 last, which is more tapered and modern than the traditional 202 last.

In addition we are showing the classic English cashmere scarf and silk tie by Psycho Bunny, as well as the black travel polish kit by La Cordonnerie Anglaise Paris.

The Polishing

It was time to polish my EG Perth’s in Burnt Pine so I thought I would share the stages with you. As I begin the first photo is the Perth as they are and you can see the need for polishing.

Next step is removing the laces; I like to polish my shoes on the trees, I feel the polish covers more evenly.

I begin to polish with a clean white tee shirt and neutral wax polish (I do this quickly and with a small amount of polish to avoid streaking).

The wax is on and drying for a few minutes.

I brush the shoes with an old horsehair brush that belonged to my grandfather. You can also buff with a cloth, but I like the action of rubbing the brush across the leather. I also think it brings out a nicer luster and works the polish into the leather better.

And Viola! In five simple steps the uppers look great. I didn’t do the sole edges this time since they still look good. I don’t over polish my shoes since I rotate them often but I enjoy the process. I also love the way the EG’s age they take on a well worn and cared for look that is just beautiful.

Shoe Emergency

Abel is one of our best Corthay clients, last evening he came in with his Wilfrid’s and looked a little upset. He had fallen victim to the mean streets of New York; it happens. He scuffed the ball of the right shoe taking off some color.



We went to work on it with various waxes some neutral and some color to cover the scuff. The result is greatly improved. Fortunately for Abel this was in a spot on the shoe that is very inconspicuous. With continued care this shoe will continue to age beautifully.