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Tag: men’s shoes

Church’s, Inside The Walls

Church’s is one of the largest if not “the” largest shoe manufacturer in Northampton, England. Founded in 1873 by Thomas Church and his three sons, there has been a family member involved in the business since then, until last year that is when Prada became the sole owner.

In spite of the change of ownership the shoes are still made in the same factory that Church’s has been in since 1957. Far more than the ownership it is the employees that breath life into a company and its products. I enjoyed this video because it captures the sincerity and professionalism of the men and women that produce these very solid English shoes.

Tokyo Shine

A good friend and client wrote to me to share his experience at a shoe shine bar in Tokyo. If you’re looking for a great shoe shine in Tokyo this is the place to go.

On my recent trip to Japan, I received a fabulous shoe shine from the guys at Brift H. It was counter style, where you took off your shoes, had a drink and they shined your shoes on the bar counter. Anyway, I recommend that you try it, if you haven’t already, when you are in Tokyo again.

Thanks to Spencer C for sharing this with us. Good stuff, I”l definitely make it a point to visit next time I’m in Minami Aoyama.

New Gaziano & Girling Stock Shoes

Two new Gaziano & Girling’s models have arrived. Both are very handsome and feature the narrow waist and fiddle back soles which is the hallmark of G&G. Sophisticated, and stylish in colors that are rich and versatile, Gaziano & Girling’s mission is to create a bespoke aesthetic in a ready to wear shoe. The styling is pure Tony Gaziano, and the craftsmanship is every bit of Dean Girling. We tip or hat to you gentleman, mission accomplished.

Woburn MH71, Vintage Chestnut

Hayes TG73, Vintage Rioja

Buckle Up

The Double Monk strap is such a versatile shoe, smart with jeans or cords, yet sophisticated with a suit. This is a must have shoe one that belongs in every man’s wardrobe. The Edward Green Westminster epitomizes this classic English look, simple lines, a smart cap toe, and solid straps and buckles, what more can you ask for, except possibly more colors. If you add one shoe to your wardrobe this year I strongly encourage you to make it a Double Monk, you can thank us later.

Edward Green Westminster all on the 888 Last

Westminster - Leffot CWestminster - Leffot DWestminster - Leffot AWestminster - Leffot B


Tony Gaziano and Dean Girling’s shoes just keep getting better; their shoes are beautifully crafted and sophisticated.  Yes they take time but once they arrive it’s like the feeling you get when you finally scratch an itch you couldn’t reach. Those who have endured the wait for a pair of G&G know what I mean.

Take a close look at the beautiful tight waist and fiddle back soles that are the hallmark of Gaziano & Girling. It’s not something found on other RTW shoes.

Buccleugh MH71, Polo Suede – MTO*

Burlington - Leffot

Burlington TG73, Black Calf – MTO *

Burlington - Leffot ABurlington - Leffot

Rothschild DG70 Last, Vintage Chestnut – MTO*

Rothschild - Leffot

*MTO footwear is not part of our stock lines, they are Made To Order.

Wilfrid, So Sweet

Let me start by way of an apology to our client Mr. R. who ordered this fine pair of Pierre Corthay Wilfrid’s. When I opened the box and took a first look I may have drooled a little on them. I couldn’t help it this pair just blew me away.

My first thought was dark chocolate covered caramels, sweet; rich with a hint of bitterness it’s no wonder my mouth watered. They’re such a great color I just can’t take my eyes off them. Enjoy these well Mr. R. they’re destined to be a Corthay classic.

Pierre Corthay Wilfrid 002 Last, Dark Brown/Caramel Calf – MTO*

Wilfrid - Leffot 01Wilfrid - Leffot 2Wilfrid - Leffot 3

*MTO footwear is not part of our stock lines, they are Made To Order.