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Tag: made to order

Corthay MTO

Corthay shoes are many things, elegant, streamline, and sophisticated are a few adjectives that come to mind. But one thing they are not and that is for the faint of heart.

Case in point is this pair of Arca in Framboise patent leather with silk ribbons and pom-poms. These are the kind of shoes that make you stop in your tracks and say “holy crap”. They’re just begging to be spooned over a dish of vanilla ice cream.

And the Bella in dark Lie de Vin with granny apple piping is a deep rich wine that settles over you like a tonic. It’s all about simple design, meticulous execution and the use of color and materials that set Corthay in a class of his own.

Arca 001 Last, Framboise Patent, Silk Ribbons with Pom-Poms – MTO

Bella 001 Last, Lie de Vin Calfskin, Granny Apple Piping – MTO

Made to Order Shoes

Here is are some fresh photos of various made to order shoes that we’ve gotten during the past few months. Every shoe is unique and made to our customer’s exact preferences. You can see the individual style of our clients shining through the design of each shoe.

Corthay Wilfrid, 002 Last, Burgundy Calf/Black Suede, Single Leather Soles

Edward Green Wigmore, 82 Last, Burnt Pine Antique Calf, Dainite Soles

Edward Green Westminster, 888 Last, Light Grey Suede, Single Leather Soles

Gaziano and Girling Bespoke, Cherry Calf, Single Leather Soles

Edward Green MTO

Customization does not have to be complicated. Below are three classic Edward Green styles, made to order for our clients. Each shoe is a relatively simple endeavor made from a single leather.

That being said, each is an example of what a small change can do. By substituting grey suede or a pebble grain for a more standard leather, each shoe has become one of a kind.

Sandringham, 888 last, Almond Country Calf, Dainite Soles

Westminster, 888 Last, Grey Suede, Single Leather Sole

Wigmore, 202 Last, Chestnut Antique, Dainite Soles

Edward Green MTO

Our Trunk Show with Edward Green is Thursday, May 10th. They will be here presenting their Ready to Wear and Top Drawer lines.

Edward Green is arguably one of highest quality shoemakers in all of England, making traditional English shoes for over 120 years. They make a wide variety of styles in anything from calfskin, to suede, to cordovan. Below are examples of shoes Made to Order for our clients. The quality and wide variety of choices that Edward Green’s Made to Order program offers is truly special.

Sandringham, 888 Last, Burgundy Crup, HAF Soles

Galway, 64 Last, Dark Oak Antique Calf, Ridgeway SolesHarrogate, 888 Last, Dark Oak/Mink Suede, HAF Soles

Malvern, 82 Last, Coffee Suede, Thames SolesWelland, 888 Last, Loden Suede, Single Leather SolesHalifax, 202 Last, Almond Country Calf, Double Leather Soles

Halifax, 888 Last, Dark Oak Calf, Thames Soles

Gaziano and Girling MTO

Our Gaziano and Girling Trunk Show is getting closer by the day, so we’d like to take the opportunity to share a few more MTO G&G shoes with you. All of these styles and materials are available to be made to order at the show.

G&G shoes are distinctive for their superb craftsmanship, meticulous style, and sharp, modern look. You can see all three of these characteristics in the shoes below, all made to order for our clients.

Gable, TG73 Last, Polo Suede, Single Leather Soles


Westbury, TG73 Last, Vintage Rioja Calf, Single Leather Soles

Dorchester, TG73 Last, Racing Green Calf, Single Leather Soles

Burnham, MH71 Last, Loden Suede, Ridgeway Soles