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Tag: leffot men’s shoes


Yes summer has just begun but now is the time to plan ahead. That is if you’re considering a special pair of boots for fall. This pair of Edward Green Shannon’s might fit the bill. Our customer who ordered these had the foresight to do it early. She’s also a lady who has exceptional taste. Enjoy them well Beth.

Shannon 888 Last Dark Oak/Mink Suede

A Wing And A Prayer

I recently took stock of my personal shoe collection and came to the startling realization I am obsessed with WINGTIPS! I have no less than 8 pairs in some form or another, and more to come I’m quite sure. Here they are in no particular order.

Alden Longwing Barrie Last Color 8 Shell Cordovan

Edward Green Falkirk 202 Last Burnt Pine & Almond Country Calf

Gaziano & Girling Mitchell TG73 Last Vintage Maple

Alden Greenwich Boot Barrie Last Navy Oiled Nebuc

Church’s Grafton 173 Last Sandalwood Polished Binder

Gaziano & Girling Astaire DG70 Last Brown Pin Grain & Brown Suede

Alden Longwing Barrie Last Tan Suede

Church’s Sidford 103 Last Black & White Calf

Corthay Jouvet

New to our Corthay collection is the elegant monk strap the Jouvet. I don’t know why but I’ve been dialed in on monk straps recently. Maybe it’s the hardware, or the fact that its not a lace up or a loafer and inhabits a third dimension; regardless I like the look. The Jouvet is sleek and chiseled just the way we like our Corthay’s.

Corthay Jouvet 001 Last Bergeronette – In Stock

This medallion stamps an exclamation point on the end of this shoe. It’s modern, sophisticated, and not over embellished.

We like the way the leather wraps around the heel counter and is beautifully seamed on the side rather than up the back. It’s a subtle detail but very thoughtful.

Clean Your Suede

My son just returned from spring break in Paris where the weather was cold and rainy for ten straight days. His go to shoes were the Alden snuff suede chukka’s (1493) and I can’t blame him. I wore mine all over Paris in February and loved them. These are great traveling shoes; they’re lightweight, soft and pack flat. They’re equally great because they survive all kinds of elements.

They returned in rough shape and needed a good cleaning. I’m not suggesting they don’t show signs of wear because they do, but I prefer these boots with some wear on them.

In my opinion suede gets a bum wrap, a lot of people tell me they can’t wear it because it’s so delicate. For some reason that used to bother me but now I just smile and think to myself “You don’t know what you’re missing.”

If you’d like to watch our video on washing suede click here.


Post wash and wet

Post wash, dried and brushed