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How to clean your suede

As summer approaches, we offer a friendly reminder that suede is one of the most resilient materials out there. Don’t be afraid! Suede is tough, and even if you get it dirty, it can always be cleaned. If you’re truly worried, we recommend spraying your shoes with Nano Protector for extra protection.

How to clean suede

Suede isn’t as delicate as you may have heard. In fact it’s quite resilient and easy to clean. We recommend Saphir’s Omni’nettoyant, which works like a shampoo for suede, working into a lather and cleaning deep into the nap. It’s strong enough to clean thoroughly but gentle enough not to damage the leather. It’s important to care for your shoes, and suede is no exception.

How to Insert Shoe Trees

Shoe trees are a must-have for any decent pair of shoes. It’s important to use them even if they’re not trees made by the specific shoe manufacturer, which of course are best for the shoes. A decent pair is still better than none at all.

We often watch as guys struggle with putting trees in their shoes. There’s a bit of a technique to it, but it’s quite simple to master. We demonstrate here with a pair of Saint Crispin’s X Loafers and their matching shoe trees.