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Tag: Ephtee Shoe Care Case

Leffot Premieres Ephtée

Mr. Franck Tressens is undoubtedly a masterful trunk maker. His trunks for shoes and wooden shoe care caskets and polishing seat are beyond gorgeous. We are very excited to have several examples of Franck’s creations in store and I encourage you to come and see for yourself the level of quality and passion that is put into each piece.

This is the U.S. debut for Ephtée and these products will be here for a limited time. Many of them would be a wonderful and special gift for the shoe enthusiast in your life, or for that matter for yourself.

Mr Franck Tressens on the Figaro Polishing Seat

Leather Polishing Maps in two sizes

Professional Polishing Casket

Top Model Polishing Casket

The Ultimate Trunk Show, Ephtée and Edward Green

On the evening of Thursday September 10th, Leffot, the men’s shoe store that has put the “haute” in the American man’s way of shopping, will be holding a trunk show for Ephtée Trunks, at our store. The collection consists of the Ephtée signature trunks that are made to hold a man’s collection of shoes when traveling and also polishing caskets filled with the finest products for maintenance – everything but the butler. The trunks are hand-made in France of the finest woods in an assortment of colors, trimmed in leathers and brass. As the trunks are all made-to-order, the combinations are limitless.

Edward Green is known for their distinctive shoes, whether made-to-order or ready-to-wear. This will be the first time Edward Green will be showing their “top drawer” collection of men’s shoes.  Mr. Xavier Candat of Edward Green will be on hand to assist you and answer questions. There will also be a small selection of women’s shoes.

The Ephtée and Edward Green trunk shows will be on September 10 (evening), 11, & 12.

Leffot will be participating in Fashions Night Out on September 10th.

Ephtée, A Short History

Enthralled with beautiful shoes Franck Tressens founded Ephtée in 2000. He conceives and creates exquisite shoe trunks and polishing caskets. Ephtée represents the birth of a passion of an atypical businessman.

It was this passion for beautiful shoes that drove Franck to create his first polishing caskets. He began by giving them to his friends, who were astonished by his talent. Encouraged by their enthusiasm for the pieces they received, Franck realized that the most beautiful shoes should have the most beautiful care with adapted instruments, in quality caskets.

After having left his job as an estate agent in 2000, he decided to dedicate his life to “his dream”. With a machine, his passion and a kind of mad abandon, Franck created a small range of leather polishing caskets. To his delight his first attempt was a huge success.

Franck’s originality is in manual creativity; he conceives an idea, validates it and realizes it in his workshop near Bordeaux. His know-how, fine craftsmanship and expertise have been recognized for close to ten years, and have classed him in the highest level of his profession.

Ephtée is sold to select customers in Moscow, Brussels, Geneva and now New York. However Ephtée doesn’t work only in the shoe arena; they also create items for all types of men’s passions, such as trunks for watches, clothes, spirits, offices, picnic trunks, and cars”¦

Today Ephtée is the combination of passion, talent and the know-how fostered by a man who runs the smallest “luxury house” of France.

An Interview with Franck Tressens:

Leffot: How did you conceive of this idea?

FT: It’s the passion for beautiful shoes with the talent to have my fingers, which follow my ideas. In 2000, Ephtée was born. We first of all proposed a line of polishing caskets, then, the list became bigger: small furniture like the seats for polishing “Figaro”, trunks to put or to carry your shoes collection.

Leffot: What domain do you work in?

FT: “What we do for shoes, we also do it for all objects of our passion, watches, weapons, cigars, and wine cellars…We also do work for houses and for particular customers who feel like enjoying exclusive items.”

Leffot: How do you distinguish yourself in the luxury world?

FT: We are a very small firm. We work with woods, leathers and metals like brass. Everything is fabricated in our workshop located in a suburb of Bordeaux. All of our efforts are in our creativity. We have got some friends in Japan, Russia, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, and Holland who sell our creations.

Leffot: Do you meet your clients?

FT: Although we especially make adapted measures, we talk with our clients as professionals about particulars, by phone or e-mail. It often happens that we don’t meet the clients who we realize a trunk for, from the other part of the world.

Leffot: What is the moment you like the most?

FT: Each trunk is unique (even those who know several copies) however; each fabrication is a thrilling adventure, sometimes eventful, with a happy ending. The workshop is in disorder, every collaborator has given his best and finally the trunk is here, standing in the middle of the room, boiling. Its presence is almost surreal. Then we have to separate from it very quickly, to protect it, to wrap it to deliver it to his future owner.

Leffot: What is Ephtée’s future?

FT: Positive! We are close to our first decade of existence with a lot of plans and new establishment like NYC”¦