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Tag: edward green inverness

Burgundy Crup

In Northampton the home of England’s finest shoemakers they refer to shell cordovan as Crup. In our opinion Burgundy or Color 8 as we say in the States is one of the most beautiful colors. A deep crimson hue, which should be in every mans wardrobe. And like all shell cordovan colors the color varies as seen in the images below.

People are often surprised to hear that Edward Green makes shoes in Crup and in fact they make incredibly nice shoes in it. That is to say the leather is very clean with very little product on it and the shells are very clear meaning no imperfections. The result is obvious, a pair of shoes that looks and feels like a million buck or should we say pounds.

Here are a few examples of recent Edward Green MTO’s in Burgundy Crup. MTO is Made To Order these shoes are not in stock.

Arlington, 202 Last, Burgundy Crup, Dainite Soles – MTO

Newbury, 888 Last, Burgundy Crup, HAF Soles – MTO

Inverness, 888 Last Burgundy Crup, HAF Soles – MTO

Malvern & Inverness

These are a couple of classic Edward Green wingtips, and you know how we like our wingtips. The Malvern is from the EG Heritage line with it’s traditional hand punching and gimping it is every bit the classic English shoe.

The Inverness on the other hand is an blind wingtip, that is the wingtip pattern is sewn onto the apron of the shoe, which gives it a lighter somewhat sleeker look. Both models are handsome, versatile, great fitting and now part of our stock line.

Malvern 82 Last Black Calf – In Stock

Inverness 888 Last Dark Oak Antique – In Stock