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Tag: ebony

All’s Well That Adwell

When I first saw a sample of this shoe I thought, “Wow this is a really “dumb” shoe.” In the “shoe business” a shoe of this sort is referred to that way. It’s not a negative connotation in fact I meant it as a complement. It’s basic, simple, a bit old fashioned, even orthopedic and yet it has a certain style and coolness to it.

Mama used to say, “Simple is as simple does”. So why mess with it? The Adwell by Church’s is not just a new model it’s a departure from the traditional English shoes we’re used to. “Old” is the new “New”.

Adwell in Ebony Bright Calf, with flat black laces and oblique toe box on 135 last

Borsalino’s All Together

Our latest email newsletter has generated a great deal of interest in our Borsalino hats. I thought it might make it easier to show all the styles we currently have in stock for summer.

Please contact use for size information. It helps a lot if you’ve worn Borsalino and know you size. Our apologies but some sizes are no longer available.

Brown Plaid Ivy Cap in Cotton with Mesh Lining

Straw Hat in Ebony and Natural with Short Brim Well Ventilated

Black and White Eco Friendly Hat Woven from Paper by-Product

The Panama in Ecuadorian Straw with Black Band

New Borsalino’s

We received three new Borsalino hats today. The Borsalino’s have been very popular largely due to the fact that we look for hats that are both sophisticated and unique.

In addition to the styles below click here to see the other hats we have in stock.

Linen Cap in Gray Hounds Tooth with Red Piping (Sold Out)

Straw Ebony and Beige Short Brim

Cotton Cap in Brown Plaid with Mesh Lining

Take a Hike

Imagine trekking through the Alps or for that matter the Street of New York when the boots you’re wearing start wearing you out. The Traiano hiking boots by Church’s are cut generously in width to accommodate heavy socks and are surprisingly light in weight.

The deep grooved soles afford superb traction on snow or ice and the back calf leather stands up to the elements very well. These boots come with both yellow and brown laces although for me it’s only yellow…..

Church’s; Traiano Hiking Boot, in Ebony Back Calf Leather

Groom Kits Redux

We had such great response to the La Cordonnerie Anglaise Groom Kits that we sold them out. We just received another of the Ebony Boxes, which includes 6 brushes, 1 shoehorn, 1 renovator, 1 Shampoo, 2 waxes, and 1 chamois; and measures 22.5×19×15 cm.

We also received a Black Leather travel kit, which includes 2 jars of polish, 1 shoehorn, 1 chamois, and 3 brushes.

These kits are beautifully made and very handsome not to mention a great way to keep your shoes looking their best.