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Tag: ebene suede

Arca Chocolat

I’m sure it’s been done before but if so I’ve never seen it. The Pierre Corthay Arca in Ebene suede has just arrived from Paris and they’re stunning. The Arca is the quintessential Corthay shoe sleek and elegant, simplicity at its finest.

Incidentally the first pair went to a client from Singapore visiting NY for the first time. They say timing is everything and Mr. V.K. couldn’t have timed it better.

Arca 001 Last, Ebene Suede, Purple Lining

Corthay MTO’s

Time to share some recent made to order shoes from Pierre Corthay. Pierre is an artist, his designs are graceful and stylish and these shoes are proof of that. Well done gentlemen we hope you enjoy your shoes.

Vendome 001 Last, Marron Box Calf – MTO

Jouvet 001 Last, Bleu Suede – MTO

Arca Boucle 001 Last, Lie de Vin – MTO

Bucy 001 Last, Ebene Suede – MTO

Rascaille 001 Last, Eben Suede Orange Stitch – MTO

A Shoe by Any Other Name or the Corthay Wilfrid

A shoe becomes it’s own simply by changing colors or leathers. To demonstrate this point here is the Corthay Wilfrid in several versions, which we have ordered for clients. The Wilfrid is among the more popular Corthay styles.

Wilfrid 002 Last Ardillat Nude – Ebene Suede

Wilfrid 001 Last Black Calf – Black Suede

Wilfrid 001 Last Black Calf – Burgundy Calf

Wilfrid 002 Last Black Calf – Celadon Patent

Wilfrid 001 Last Olive Calf – Black Suede

Wilfrid 002 Last Bergeronette Calf – Ebene Suede

Wilfrid 002 Last Bergeronette Calf

Bergeronette - Leffot