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Tag: Dover 606 Last

Edward Green Dover

The Edward Green Dover is one of those “old friend” kinds of shoes familiar and comfortable. This new arrival is designed with the ability to be worn dressed up or down in sumptuous smooth Bronze Antique calf a rich milk chocolate brown.

We combined that with H/AF soles to add strength and stability without being clumsy. That’s because the H/AF are double leather in the forepart and taper to single leather at the waist.

But the most defining feature of the Dover is the signature skin stitched apron, which is handsewn with pig’s bristles. This is a shoe that would be a welcome staple in any shoe collection.

Dover 606 Last, Bronze Antique, H/AF Soles

The Dover

There’s not a lot you can say about the Edward Green Dover that hasn’t already been said. It’s arguably the quintessential EG shoe. This classic English derby can be worn with confidence and pride because it’s one of the finest styles in Edward Green’s collection.

Stories of the Dover’s handsewn apron are legendary; the closing is done with pig bristles because they’re finer than needles. It takes years to master the skill and only grade A1 closers are allowed to do it. It’s rather remarkable when you think about closing a shoe with bristles.

These are robust, well-built shoes ideal for less formal occasions when you need to look smart and well dressed. Our model in Walnut Country Calf and Dainite soles is great for foul weather as well. There are but a handful of shoes every man must own and this gentlemen is one of them.

Dover 606 Last, Walnut Country Calf, Dainite Soles