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Tag: dainite sole

Edward Green Ullswater, Navy Crup

The Edward Green Ullswater is one of the styles in EG’s Lake collection. The name is derived from Lake Ullswater, which many describe as the most beautiful of the English lakes. The heavy country brogue design of this shoe is meant for country terrain.

Even though we’re city folks we commissioned EG to make the Ullswater in Horween navy crup (shell cordovan) for two reasons. We love the combination of brogue wingtips in crup and we love the way EG works with the material.

They make as clean a shell shoe as you will find. Couple that with the incredible EG fit and comfort and you have a shoe that will wear for a good 20 years.

Ullswater 202 Last, Navy Crup, Dainite Soles

Edward Green Ullswater, Almond CC

If there’s one type of shoe that is typically English it has to be the Country shoe. Edward Green has released the Ullswater a full brogue derby ideal for rugged terrain in the field or the city.

We designed these on the classic 202 last in Almond Country Calf, Dainite soles with extended fudge welts. It’s a big boy shoe that will serve one well for many a years to come.

Ullswater 202 Last, Almond Country Calf, Dainite Soles

Edward Green Dover

If you are to own just one Edward Green model, it should be this one. The Dover is a shoe made for just about any occasion you can think of, unmatched in simplicity, elegance, and understatement.

Its permanent style and impressive longevity are a result of the meticulous process of its creation. Tales of its handsewn apron and reverse split toe are legendary and rightfully so. Each is sewn by expert craftsmen who use pigs bristles rather than metal needles. The preparation of the thread itself is a major undertaking combining several long strands and bonding them with wax then splitting the end of the bristle and lashing the thread to it.

So much of what goes into finely crafted shoes is taken for granted. It’s difficult to appreciate the level of skill, time and artisan-ship it takes to produce a pair if you haven’t seen it first hand. It’s remarkable really that in today’s high tech, automated world there are products which are still made by way of tradition. Something’s are best left unchanged.

This particular Dover tends towards the casual side, utilizing sturdy Walnut Country Calf and hard-wearing Dainite soles. The result is a beautiful, classic shoe fit for everyday, no-nonsense wear.


Dover 606 Last, Walnut Country Calf, Dainite Soles

Church’s Westbury – MTO

The Westbury monk strap by Church’s is one of their classic styles. When our client D.G. requested these two pair we knew there was going to be a twist. That’s because he had previously ordered a pair of Grafton’s made up as a spectator, which was very unique.

I like it when customers have shoes made up that are one of a kind. I admire those that can envision a pair in a way that is singular and special, these two fit that bill.

Westbury Black Polished Binder/Black Patent, Dainite Soles – MTO*

Westbury - Leffot 1

Westbury Burgundy Polished Binder/Tabacco Grain, Dainite Soles – MTO*

Westbury - Leffot 2

*MTO footwear is not part of our stock lines, they are Made To Order.

Edward Green Sandringham – MTO

Sandringham is the much-loved country retreat of Her Majesty The Queen. It’s also a majestic EG shoe with plenty of rich brouging and punched thistle detail on the side. These two MTO’s are both great looking, and perfect for autumn wear.

888 Last; Brown Crup* Heavy Burnishing on H/A/F* soles with Fudge Welt* – MTO

The Leffot Exclusive A.W. Sandringham

Sandringham Crup - Leffot

888; Edwardian Antique Heavy Burnishing on H/A/F sole – MTO

Sandringham Edwardian - Leffot

*Crup is the English term for Cordovan.

*The EG H/A/F soles are double leather at the forepart and single weight at the waist.

*A fudge welt is also referred to as a storm welt. It’s additional strip of leather that is sewn on the top of the welt.


Here are two more Edward Green MTO’s we received recently. Both beautifully made.

The Oundle by the way has somewhat of a spat look to it when the pant leg drapes the front, a very handsome monk strap.

The Oundle on the 82 Last in Chestnut Antique

The Galway on the 202 Last in Walnut Country Calf on Dainite Soles