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Tag: crepe

All Weather Shoes

It’s a rainy day in the New York area and my client Joe S. sent me an email this morning asking what shoes I wear in the rain. In my opinion the Alden All Weather Walker is perfect for a light rain. The grained leather upper will withstand some moisture and the natural plantation crepe double outsoles with fitted leather tip keep the soles of your feet dry. Besides they’re just plain comfortable.

Suede and the 21st Century

I like suede, its comfortable, rich looking, and easy to maintain. It’s also very tactile. Take for example my Gaziano & Girling Derwent’s on the MH71 last with crepe soles, they’re one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes I own (and I own a few pairs of shoes).

I find it interesting that more people pickup, touch, admire or just plain pet the suede shoes at Leffot than any others hmmmm……. Suede is season-less, it looks just as great in spring and summer as it does in fall and winter and isn’t it all about texture and color anyway?