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Tag: Corthay

The Shoes in the Window

This week we are featuring the Pierre Corthay “Bucy” in our front window. I like the sleek lines of the Bucy and the fact that it’s a very stylish, & tailored shoe. The last is the same as the Arca the 001. But unlike the simpleness of the Arca the cap toe and punching around the vamp and quarters give it a distinctive flair, which is Corthay at his finest. A reminder that Leffot is the sole stockist of Pierre Corthay in the U.S.

Pierre Corthay, Bucy in Ardillat

Protecting the Investment

I think we would all agree that the purchase a quality pair of shoes is an "investment" in our feet as well as our wardrobe. And like any investment it needs protecting. Thankfully this is not a difficult task. Perhaps the single most important and easiest step we can take is to insert wooden shoetrees into the shoes when they’re removed.

Why? During the day our feet perspire, a natural fact. The trees draw the perspiration away from the leather lining and hold the shoes in place as they dry. If you have ever seen a pair of shoes that are cracked at the "break" there is a good chance it is due to "tree negligence". Left empty the leather contracts while drying. Once the shoes are worn again the leather must expand, over time, as this process repeats the leather begins to breakdown and crack.

It is also important that the trees fit the shoes properly. If the trees are too large the shoes will be stretched out of shape and if too small they will not maximize their intended purpose. We sell trees made by the manufacturers that are "last and size specific". These are the best trees for the shoes because the shoe is put back on its last to regain its shape. If you have your own trees try and find a shape and size that is closest to the last of the shoe. Using similar trees is better than not using trees at all.




Edward Green

Gaziano & Girling

J.M. Weston

Monk-ey see Monk-ey do

Pierre Corthay and Edward Green bring our two versions of the Monk Strap to you. Either look great dressed up or down, they are masculine and stylish. Monk straps aren’t for everyone but I’ve always liked them.

Pierre Corthay – Montaigne in Terre on the 002 last

Edward Green – Westminster in Dark Oak on the 888 last with Double Leather Sole

Incidentally in the old days we called them Buckle Shoes, and you would only wear them in black with a plain toe. I hope I’m not dating myself……

Corthay MTO

This MTO (made to order) pair of Corthay Mahler’s just arrived for our client Stuart. He’s a big Corthay fan and in fact brought this style to my attention.

He really did his homework on this one, you won’t find these on the Corthay website. This is the image he brought in.

The order for this pair was placed with Corthay on May 15 and was completed June 30th.

This loafer is on the 001 last which is the same as the Arca. It has an elastic gore under the tongue and a lace that feeds through it and the suede of the upper.

A Gem in New York

On Wednesday I was visited by Simon Crompton, who in addition to being the Editor of IFLR Magazine writes for and has a style blog He was visiting from London and came in to see the store.

We had a very nice conversation and he was very taken by a pair of the Wilfrid’s by Corthay.

He really enjoyed his visit and promised to write an article about the store which he so kindly did. You can find it at

Cheers Simon, I hope to see you next time your in New York….