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Shoestrees: How To

Shoe Trees are a must have for any decent pair 0f shoes. I always try to emphasis the importance of using them even if they’re not trees made by the specific shoe manufacturer, which of course are best for the shoes. A decent pair is still better than none at all.

Be sure to find trees that are as similar to the last as possible, that the wood is not polished so it can absorb perspiration, and make sure they’re the correct size. Too small and they serve little purpose and too large they’ll stretch your shoes not to mention making it difficult to insert and remove.

That brings me to my next demonstration. I sometimes watch as guys try to insert the trees; some do it with ease while others seem to have a difficult time. There is a bit of a technique but it’s quite simple to master. I’m using the Pierre Corthay Bucy to demonstrate.

If the shoes are oxfords or derby’s make sure they’re unlaced, monk straps should be unbuckled.

Hold the tree at a 45º angle with the outside edge of the tree facing down.

Insert the tree as far as it will go.

Then from the heel push it in the rest of the way.

Next simply push down on the back and you’re in.

It’s not unlike changing a tire on a car (which is much more difficult) you just need to do it once and you’ll never forget how.


Take Stock

Welcome to 2009, this is a good time to take stock of your shoe inventory, what you still wear and what you don’t. A basic shoe collection should consist of 3 to 4 pairs for dress and casual wear, and should of course be in good condition and worn in rotation.

I recommend one pair be black oxfords even if “you never wear black shoes” trust me there will come a day you will need them. The rest should be according to your work/lifestyle. It’s also a good idea to have a pair for bad weather.

Here is a sample of what a Basic collection could look like of course it can grow exponentially from here:

Church’s Consul

Alden All Weather Walker

Corthay Bucy                                                          Edward Green Westminster

Corthay MTO’s

We just received these MTO’s from Pierre Corthay for our customer Mr. D. These are size 11 of which he has several pairs of already. The production and delivery were very fast, the order was placed with Corthay on Oct 3 and we received them Oct 30.

The Bucy – Ebene Calf on the 001 Last

The Arca – Black Calf on the 001 Last

The Shoes in the Window

This week we are featuring the Pierre Corthay “Bucy” in our front window. I like the sleek lines of the Bucy and the fact that it’s a very stylish, & tailored shoe. The last is the same as the Arca the 001. But unlike the simpleness of the Arca the cap toe and punching around the vamp and quarters give it a distinctive flair, which is Corthay at his finest. A reminder that Leffot is the sole stockist of Pierre Corthay in the U.S.

Pierre Corthay, Bucy in Ardillat