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Black Grain Longwing

The Alden x Leffot Longwing in Black Alpine Grain is back in stock.

We chose black Alpine Grain and put it over soles of plantation crepe for all weather wear-ability and comfort. These have the heft and guts to take on the foulest days and the cushion to keep you bounding along.

Longwings have been around for years because they’re classic and versatile. They are time tested and proven and belong in every wardrobe. Fashion goes in and out of style but classic is forever.

Longwing Barrie Last, Black Alpine Grain, Plantation Crepe Soles

Alden Tan Suede LWB

I know I know enough with the Longwings right? Wrong! We recently received the Alden Longwing Blucher in Snuff suede and they were around for about a minute or two. Next up is a reorder of our Tan suede LWB, which we introduce last spring.

It’s impossible to overstate just how great looking these shoes are in suede and how incredibly comfortable they feel, but hey we’re biased.

If you plan on treating yourself to one awesome pair of shoes this spring these LWB in tan suede are a most righteous choice.

Longwing Blucher, Barrie Last, Tan Suede, Waterlock Soles

Alden AWW

There’s still a lot of winter ahead and we recognize the fact that it’s not always convenient to wear boots. In that case the Alden All Weather Walker in Brown Alpine Grain is an excellent choice.

These shoes feature natural plantation crepe double outsoles with fitted leather tips. Natural rubber provides better traction and keeps water out not to mention how comfortable they are to walk on.

This is the “NEW” Brown Alpine Grain; it has a deeper, richer intensity than the old color and in our opinion is more appealing.

947 AWW, Barrie Last, Brown Alpine Grain

Alden Snuff Suede LWB

Our latest Alden makeup has arrived and it’s one of our favorite styles the Longwing Blucher. Arguably the classic American brogue in fact it’s so American U.K. shoemakers refer to it as just that.

Admittedly we have something of a wingtip fetish and we never tire of the LWB, which is why we keep making them. It’s such a versatile and comfortable shoe and as comfortable as it is in leather it’s even more so in suede.

We know what some of you are thinking, “Oh so beautiful but suede?” Well to all the “suedechondriacs” out there hear this they look even “better” with age, so just relax and enjoy everything’s gonna be okay.

Longwing Blucher, Barrie Last, Snuff Suede, Waterlock Soles

Alden NST All-Weather Walker

As we gear up for winter we thought it a good time to add a new Alden All-Weather Walker. This time we chose the Norwegian Split Toe which features Alden’s famous handsewn apron, in brown calf.

The exceptional insulating quality of genuine plantation crepe makes it an ideal outsole for winter wear, with reinforced leather tips for added durability.

Norwegian Split Toe All-Weather Walker, Brown Calf, Barrie Last

NST AWW - Leffot 1NST AWW - Leffot 2