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Alden; All Day Long

Yesterday was quite a unique day; it was the first time all the shoes we sold were by a single manufacturer. I’m not surprised they were Alden’s but it was unusual. Two guys were so excited about their new shoes they trashed their old pair and wore the new ones out of the store.

Here they are before and after; it’s not surprising they wore the new ones out.

Before; Prada Sport

Prada Sport

After; Alden 947 All Weather Walker Brown Alpine Grain

947 - Leffot

Before; Pantofola D’oro

Pantofola D'oro - Leffot

After; Alden 1492 Brown Suede Chukka, Flex Welt Soles

1492 - Leffot

In hindsight it probably had something to do with the fact that Floyd Gilmore a.k.a. “Mr. Alden” was here for a good part of the afternoon. Floyd is the northeast rep for Alden, and is no rookie either. He’s now in his 53 year with the company. If there’s ever anything want to know about Alden, Floyd’s your man.

Mr. Alden at Leffot

Take Stock

Welcome to 2009, this is a good time to take stock of your shoe inventory, what you still wear and what you don’t. A basic shoe collection should consist of 3 to 4 pairs for dress and casual wear, and should of course be in good condition and worn in rotation.

I recommend one pair be black oxfords even if “you never wear black shoes” trust me there will come a day you will need them. The rest should be according to your work/lifestyle. It’s also a good idea to have a pair for bad weather.

Here is a sample of what a Basic collection could look like of course it can grow exponentially from here:

Church’s Consul

Alden All Weather Walker

Corthay Bucy                                                          Edward Green Westminster

All Weather Shoes

It’s a rainy day in the New York area and my client Joe S. sent me an email this morning asking what shoes I wear in the rain. In my opinion the Alden All Weather Walker is perfect for a light rain. The grained leather upper will withstand some moisture and the natural plantation crepe double outsoles with fitted leather tip keep the soles of your feet dry. Besides they’re just plain comfortable.