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Edward Green Sandringham Bauxite

Edward Green’s Sandringham is a classic distinguished wingtip based in English country footwear.

This version, in Bauxite Antique and Rosewood Country Calf, is a rosy version of a shoe, perfect for the impending warm weather. The intricate brouging, as well as Edward Green’s distinctive “thistle”, fit perfectly with the lighthearted pairing of leathers.

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202 Last, Bauxite/Rosewood Country Calf, HAF Soles

Edward Green Arlington, Tobacco Suede

If we had our way everything would be made in tobacco suede. The color is amazing and makes every pair of shoes look incredible. The key is to start with a great style by a great shoe-making company and the rest takes care of itself.

Our new Edward Green Arlington is special. Every time we open a box smiles light up the room. It’s a happy color yet stylish and sophisticated.

202 Last, Tobacco Suede, Single Sole Natural Edge

Edward Green Sandringham

American shoemakers such as Alden do wingtips so well these days that its easy to forget that the concept of a brogued shoe is originally from the British Isles. The wingtip shoe evolved out of the classic English country shoe, made with holes to let water out easily while hunting pheasants and ducks.

The Sandringham wingtip in Dark Oak and Walnut Country Calf epitomizes the look and spirit of classic English country footwear, with a slightly rougher, richer look than its city cousins. But don’t be afraid to wear these to town. With beautifully textured pebble grain country calf, double leather soles, and its distinctive “thistle” pattern at the side, these will turn sober city heads all day long.

202 Last, Dark Oak Antique/Walnut Country Calf, HAF Soles



Edward Green Cardiff

Suede shoes get a bad rap. It seems like guys are always talking about how they think they’ll get ruined. Contrary to popular opinion, quality suede is one of the most versatile and comfortable shoe leathers you can invest in. And it actually looks better with wear.

We’ve paired Edward Green’s classic captoe Cardiff blucher with fine-grained coffee suede, making it as fit for January as it is for June. Any time there isn’t salt or melting snow in the way, you can proudly wear these shoes. They pair great with just about any color or texture, from dusty summer linens to somber winter flannel.

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202 Last, Coffee Suede, Single Leather Sole

Edward Green Oundle

Not all Made to Order shoes are equal. There are certain styles, which we’ve made more often than others and the Oundle monk strap shoe by Edward Green is one of them.

It’s one of those shoes that deserves a second look it’s simple yet stylish and that’s exactly what we like about it. Made of only three pieces of leather these shoes can be made with or without a medallion on the toe.

Oundle, 202 Last, Tobacco Suede

Oundle, 888 Last, Black Calf

Oundle, 888 Last, Burnt Pine/Coffee Suede

Oundle, 888 Last, Coffee Suede

Oundle, 888 Last, Dark Oak

Oundle, 888 Last, Burnt Pine

Oundle, 888 Last, Brown Crup

Burgundy Crup

In Northampton the home of England’s finest shoemakers they refer to shell cordovan as Crup. In our opinion Burgundy or Color 8 as we say in the States is one of the most beautiful colors. A deep crimson hue, which should be in every mans wardrobe. And like all shell cordovan colors the color varies as seen in the images below.

People are often surprised to hear that Edward Green makes shoes in Crup and in fact they make incredibly nice shoes in it. That is to say the leather is very clean with very little product on it and the shells are very clear meaning no imperfections. The result is obvious, a pair of shoes that looks and feels like a million buck or should we say pounds.

Here are a few examples of recent Edward Green MTO’s in Burgundy Crup. MTO is Made To Order these shoes are not in stock.

Arlington, 202 Last, Burgundy Crup, Dainite Soles – MTO

Newbury, 888 Last, Burgundy Crup, HAF Soles – MTO

Inverness, 888 Last Burgundy Crup, HAF Soles – MTO