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Shoes I Wear Part 2

I selected this pair of Pierre Corthay Wilfrid’s when I visited Pierre in his shop on rue Volney in March. I told Pierre I wanted to purchase a pair of shoes and he brought me a pair of black something or others, Arca’s I think but I can’t remember since I had no interest in black. I told him that and he came back with these in Olive and Black suede.

But they did not look the way they do today. The green was flat and dull. Pierre told me to leave them with Stephané his colorist and I should pick them up in a few days. I wish I had taken a picture before Stephané went to work on them because the change is astounding. I get a lot of compliments on this pair and I leave them on display in the store from time to time. Customers are drawn to them and are then surprised when they turn them over and see they have been worn. It is just an example of what MTO can be.