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Saint Crispin’s Arrive

Headquartered in Austria and made in Romania all Saint Crispin’s shoes are handcrafted by a small team of artisans, craftsmen and women. Their shoes are quite possibly as close to a bespoke fit as  you will find in a ready to wear shoe. And while that may sound like a big statement, in our opinion these shoes are top flight all the way.

The attention to detail is evident in all aspects of the shoes, not least of which is the fit. What’s special about Saint Crispin’s shoes is that they design the shoes with human engineering in mind. The heels are canted, which is the outside of the heel is slightly lower than the inside, as is the top line under the ankles, thus cradling the natural resting position of your foot.

A similar attention to design goes into the styling of the shoes as well. Saint Crispin’s shoes are some of the most unique shoes produced, full of individualism and character. Each shoe has its own flavor and personality, from the playful contrast of the 546, the elegantly lengthened split toe of the 108, or the sombre subtlety of the 532.

Model 546, Riva Last, Brown Calfskin Wholecut, Wood Pegged Sole

Model 108, Riva Last, Cognac Alpine Grain Calfskin, Wood Pegged Sole

Model 523, Chiseled Last, Dark Brown Calfskin, Wood Pegged Waist

Model 532, Riva Last, Black/Brown Shrunken Calfskin, Wood Pegged Waist

Model 542, Chiseled Last, Black Calfskin, Medallion Toe, Wood Pegged Waist

Model 505, Chiseled Last, Snuff Suede, Silver Buckles, Wood Pegged Waist