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Properly box your shoes

We originally posted this back in 2011 and thought you might find it helpful.

Keeping your shoes stored properly not only saves space but also ensures your shoes will stay looking their best. There’s a very simple technique to keeping your shoes boxed properly, which we’ll demonstrate here. It might sound ridiculous but people get this wrong all the time.

For this demonstration we chose a pair of Edward Green Claverton’s in Dark Oak. Not all manufacturers use the same materials inside the box but the same steps apply for any pair. Edward Green happens to package their shoes very nicely. They use excellent packing materials and make a very good solid box.

The key is to lay the shoes in opposite directions, the first shoe with the arch facing down and the second facing up; that’s the way the boxes are designed to fit the shoes.

Lay open the covering.

Left shoe with arch facing down.

Cover the shoe.

Add protective padding if applicable.

Lay right shoe in the opposite direction with arch up

Cover again.

Lay Dust Bags on top.

Edward Green care guide on top of that.

And close the lid.

Of course not all shoes have cloth coverings and padding but almost all shoes have paper to layer between the shoes. Shoe trees can be kept in the shoes as well and if you don’t have cloth or paper to lay between the shoes keep them in the dust bags but lay them in the box the same way. It’s that simple.

Deer Bone Restock

Abbeyhorn Deer Bone

Abbeyhorn Deer Bone

We’ve just restocked our ever popular deer bones for polishing cordovan. The oils inside this deer bone, when rubbed into shell cordovan leather, will restore uniformity to the color and smooth over scratches. It can even remove some small creases and welts. This is the secret weapon for polishing shell cordovan shoes.


Boot Black shoe care products

Boot Black Collections Cream

Made in Japan, Boot Black makes some of the finest waxes, creams, lotions, and cleaners available. We have a robust offering available online and in our New York store. In addition to their wax and cream polishes, we also stock two shoe shine kits, which are also available online and in store.

Shop Boot Black

Below we feature some of Boot Black’s most notable products, outside their waxes and cream polishes.

Collections Cream

Boot Black Collections Cream

Boot Black Collections Cream is formulated with far more color pigment than their standard cream. Use on your shoes’ heels and toes for an instant burnish. It doesn’t take much — just a dab will give you that antiqued finish.


Edge Crayon

Boot Black Collections Cream

You may have used edge dressing to recolor your sole edges. This crayon does the same thing, but with less mess and a more natural finish. Available in black and dark brown.


Repair Cream

Boot Black Collections Cream

Fix scuffs and scratches on your shoes with this repair cream. Apply a small amount to a palette, mix with water, and rub into the scuff or scratch. Let dry for fifteen minutes, then cover with a matching shoe cream. Afterwards your shoes will be as good as new.


Leather Sole Conditioner

Boot Black Collections Cream

Formulated with Jojoba and mineral oils, Boot Black’s Leather Sole Conditioner makes leather soles more flexible. It guards them from stiffening or cracking caused by rain and wet weather.


Now In Stock: Vintage Watches

Vintage watches from CMT Watches.
1977 Rolex Day-Date in 18k gold with Spanish day wheel.
1977 Rolex Datejust.
1970 Heuer Carrera.
1964 Rolex Date with crazed gilt tropical dial.
1968 Oyster Perpetual.
Late 1960s Rolex Datejust.

We’ve teamed with our friends at CMT Watches to offer a selection of fine timepieces from the 1960s and 70s. The beauty of a vintage watch is found in its history, character, and timeless style. Like a pair of classic shoes that have been well cared for, a vintage watch is a product of superb craftsmanship and design.

Wearing a watch is no longer a necessity — we have phones that tell time more accurately than a mechanical watch ever could. Wearing a watch in 2017 is a declaration of style, and which one you pick makes a statement. Why not choose a classic piece, the same as you choose for your shoes?

The watches are available online and in our New York shop.


New arrivals on Leffot Pre-owned

Every Tuesday we release new shoes on Leffot Pre-owned, our marketplace for gently-worn, high-quality footwear. Today we’re featuring a selection from Edward Green, Alden, and Gaziano & Girling.

Alden x Brooks Brothers Tassel Loafer – US 10.5D

Alden x Brooks Brothers Tassel Loafer – US 10.5D.

This pair of tassel loafers in snuff suede are an easy, comfy shoe for summer. Wear them with white denim for a sharp casual look, or pair them with a grey suit for a relaxed business look.


Gaziano & Girling Warwick – UK 7.5D

Gaziano & Girling Warwick – UK 7.5D.

Gaziano & Girling’s take on classic shoes goes above and beyond. Each pair is elegant, sleek, and refined. These Warwicks are no exception. Made in Vintage Cherry calfskin, they pair well with a navy or grey suit.


Edward Green x Ralph Lauren Harrogate – UK9/US9.5D

Edward Green x Ralph Lauren Harrogate – UK9/US9.5D.

The spectator was made for summer, and Edward Green sure knows how to make them. This pair in Burnt Pine calfskin and Beige Nubuck was originally made for Ralph Lauren.


Edward Green Malvern – UK9/US9.5D

Edward Green Malvern – UK9/US9.5D.

When fall rolls around, you’ll need to be prepared, and these Malverns are just the ticket. Made in rosewood country calf on rubber Dainite soles, they’re ideal for wet weather. Wear them on a rainy day with a pair of cords and a Barbour jacket or with jeans and a sweater.


Alden x Leffot Longwing – US 8.5D

Alden x Leffot Longwing – US 8.5D.

The Alden longwing is a classic American shoe. Made on double leather soles in Horween’s brown Chromexcel leather, this pair is a slightly more casual take on the LWB. Wear them with jeans, chinos, or cords.


Before and After

A customer recently brought us a pair of Alden color 8 Longwings to sell as part of our pre-owned program. Sometimes you have to look beyond the obvious to find the true beauty in things. This pair had some miles on them but there was still plenty of gas in the tank.

As you can see in the photo below, there was a build up of black polish on the vamp. It felt slightly gritty, not smooth the way shell normally feels.

Alden color 8 Longwings before polishing.Repeated polishing had left a buildup of black polish on the vamp.

We started by simply wiping the shoes off with a cloth, followed by a coat of Saphir Renovateur. Many of you are familiar with this product. It’s milky, gentle, and spreads well, so a little dab goes a long way. You may notice on Alden color 8 shoes the Reno removes a bit of color. That is what we were looking for. We cleaned the the entire shoe, then buffed.

We needed a stronger product to remove the polish buildup. We went with Saphir Réno’Mat, which is a strong leather cleaner with a pungent smell. We applied small amounts to a cloth and rubbed lightly over the wax buildup. You could immediately see the old polish coming off onto the rag. We repeated this step several times.

Réno’Mat can leave the leather looking a little dry. We went back to the Renovateur, and then a combination of both together. The important thing is to go little by little, using small amounts. On hard-to-clean spots we used the rounded end of a deer bone to rub away the polish.

One light shoe and one dark shoe.One shoe was darker than the other, so we used Boot Black Collections Creme to match them.

After repeating the process for the second shoe, we noticed the colors weren’t quite the same. The solution was to use Boot Black Collections Creme to darken and match the pair. Collections Creme contains very intense color pigment, so it’s best used for burnishing or adding color saturation. Take a small amount on a cloth and rub in lightly until you achieve the desired color.

Before and after polishing.The final result