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The Eagle Has Landed

The Corthay Arca is perhaps the most recognizable of all Pierre’s models. With its sleek lines and Eagle’s Beak toe it is elegant, courtly, and urbane. The Arca is on the Corthay 001 last which is slightly more chiseled, and like all the Corthay styles it features a Goodyear Welted construction.

Pierre Corthay – Arca, shown here in Bergeronette

Oak Bark Leather Soles

We thought you might find this interesting. The Joh. Rendenbach Jr. Tannery has been producing oak bark sole leather since 1871.

So what is it exactly?
It’s leather tanned using the classical oak-bark method, obviously. A naturally pure tanning method taking place in old, three-meter deep oak lined pits. This method uses exclusively vegetable tanning agents in the form of barks and fruits. The process normally lasts between nine and twelve months, depending on the hide thickness. The leather is tanned without mechanical movement, without raising temperatures and without adding chemical catalysts.

Besides other advantages, this proves to be very lightweight due to the long tanning duration ensuring that the hide absorbs only the amount of tanning agent absolutely necessary. Oak-bark tanned leather possesses unique properties: it is extremely hard wearing, tough, as well as flexible, making a comfortable sole of outstanding solidity, standing out through its appealing surface and a warm woody color. Oak-bark tanned sole leather is also:

– Highly water-repellent
– Especially breathable
– Absorbs perspiration
– Deodorant and antiseptic
– Prevention against foot diseases
– Completely bio-degradable

Think about that next time you try on a pair of Edward Green’s or Gaziano & Girling’s.

Stile Capitale

Brava Mariangela Rossi for your article about Leffot in the July issue of ‘Capital’ the Italian lifestyle magazine which features articles on Business, Style, Travel, Sports and Entertainment. We are very pleased to be included. Grazie mille!

Summer Style

Does any shoe express summer more than the spectator? Perhaps a sandal, but for a classic clean look our pick is the two tones. Be it a loafer like the J.M. Weston Penny Loafer or Church’s Wingtip the Sidford these shoes have summer written all over them.

Inside Leffot

It occurred to us that many of you have not yet had the opportunity to visit Leffot. We would like to share with you some images of the shop that will hopefully convey the concept and sense of style we tried to create. We were very fortunate to collaborate with the architectural team of Yen Ha, and Michi Yanagishita of Front Studio. From our first meeting Yen and Michi understood what we had in mind. They were great to work with and where recently featured in The Architects Newspaper in an article about Leffot Open>Boutique.

Being in the West Village of Manhattan afforded us the freedom to create a non-traditional shoe store. The concept of the store is a dinning room. The custom made 14 foot ash table produced for us by Hudson Furniture is the perfect setting to offer our main course of fine footwear. The light fixture over the table is of great interest to many people. It was designed by Brand van Egmond and was produced in the Netherlands.

There is so much more that we could say about the store, and we will write more in future posts i.e. wallpaper, chairs, our crest……

Color photography by James Ewing.