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The Difference

An interesting article was passed my way by The Trad the other day. In February 2007 (when $ was much stronger vs. €), New York Magazine asked the age-old question “What makes one loafer worth several hundred dollars more than another?”

To explain the answer they took apart penny loafers by J.M. Weston and Bass Weejun. The dissection is brutal but makes the point; there is no substitute for quality materials and craftsmanship.

I think Cosmo Castorini expressed it perfectly when he said,”There are three kinds of pipe. There’s aluminum, which is garbage. There’s bronze, which is pretty good, unless something goes wrong. And something always goes wrong. Then, there’s copper, which is the only pipe I use. It costs money. It costs money because it saves money.”

And that’s basically how I feel about great shoes. They cost money. They cost money because they save money.

Thank You, Bobby

I had originally planned to write a post about the All Star Game that is being played at Yankee Stadium on Tuesday which is kind of a big deal in New York.

The passing of Bobby Murcer changed that. I really enjoyed listening to Bobby’s smooth style of broadcasting, his analysis and humor. I never had the opportunity to see him play but I imagine he was as fun to watch, as he was to listen to. So Godspeed Bobby Murcer as you round the bases one final time, a Yankee forever.

Kinky Boots

Last night I watched the 2005 Miramax movie Kinky Boots for the first time. I hadn’t heard of it until a customer asked me if I had seen it. I enjoyed it; it was funny, poignant, if not a bit over the top and predictable. In case you are not familiar with the story has nice plot summary.

Many of the scenes were filmed in the Trickers factory in Northampton, which I enjoyed seeing. It also conveyed the sense of community among the residents and craftsman of Northampton and the effects of the economy on this once thriving industry.

Coincidentally I recently read that the movie is now being developed into a Broadway musical.

The Bamford

What is most striking about the Bamford by Edward Green is its beautiful simplicity. This single piece constructed suede loafer is the perfect accompaniment to a linen suit, barefoot of course. With the subtlest of hand-punched medallion on the toe it is Trés Chic.

The Edward Green – Bamford in Coffee Suede on the 101 Last.

Enjoy the 4th

No matter how you spend the day, on the island, at the shore, at a BBQ, or watching fireworks have a great holiday! As for us we’ve gone fishin’, see you Saturday.

감사합니다 – Noblesse

We just received the July issue of Noblesse, the Korean ultra-luxury magazine that includes an article about Leffot as one of New York’s new hot spots. Thank you Noblesse we greatly appreciate your coverage, and are thrilled to be reaching such an international audience.