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On Edge

Polishing your shoes does wonders for the appearance of the uppers, but what about the soles? How many of us take that extra step and dress the sole and heel edges?  A small detail to be sure but it makes a polished shoe look so much better.

Edge dressing has always been a tedious and messy project. In the past you’d open a bottle of liquid sole and heel dressing with an applicator attached to the top (if you were lucky) then coat the edges while trying hard not to get it on the uppers, the soles and your hands.

I’ve found a wonderful new way to make this process simple and painless. It’s sole edge dressing in an easy roll on applicator. This should be ranked right up there with Glue Stic, Post-it and Liquid Paper. Seriously, why is it that the most obvious inventions only appear so after their release?

Sole Edge and Heel Polish with Easy Roll on Applicator, in Black and Brown

Edge Dressing - Leffot