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My New Jeans

I went to Uniqlo yesterday for the first time in a very long while. I wasn’t really looking for jeans but I spotted these, which looked much nicer than the rest  of the styles (and they have a lot of styles). I was in the market for a new pair anyway and since my usual source (A.P.C.) was closed for the night I thought I’d give these a try.

I like jeans that are plain, no names, no tags, or fancy stitching. I like dark raw denim and who does that better than most? Japan. These jeans are not just made in Japan they are as the tag says “All Made in Japan”. Without further adieu I found my size and took them home. I wasn’t in the mood to try them on in the store.

I guess it was meant to be because they fit perfectly, I didn’t even have to hem them (a first) since they’re made in different lengths. They’re also sold cuffed this way and as I read recently in Men’s Ex  this is the perfect cuff size (of course).

Alden Suede Chukka 1493 in Snuff

My only hesitation was the two different color  threads, one a light yellow the other the traditional burnt orange. Then I stopped myself and realized “Hey, they’re “All Made in Japan” they must be right.” Hard to imagine them putting out a product that wasn’t tested, evaluated, critiqued and tweaked a thousand times over. They get my vote.