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Leffot, Now Easier to Find

When we were deciding on signage for the store we settled on black vinyl for the windows. In theory it was a logical choice and was within the scope of the design. Hiroko our Creative Director, Yen our architect and I all looked at mock ups of various sizes on the glass. What we failed to consider was that the black signs we were looking at were against glass that still had construction paper on it so it showed up beautifully.

When Big Apple Visual Group came and installed the signs we instantly realized our error, with the paper removed the signs were practically invisible from the outside because the entire interior of the store is black. Well live and learn I always say, we decided to make a change. We now have gold signs that show up 1000 times better. So now when you’re wondering around lost in the West Village trying to find the corner of Christopher & Gay Street you will be guided by our new signs. Go to the light……………….