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Fortunate Son

Originally posted 09/24/09

Shoes are like children, it’s very difficult to pick a favorite. All are loved and cherished for their unique qualities. That being said however, I can’t help myself. My current favorites, the pair I find myself wearing most lately are my Alden longwings in Genuine Horween shell cordovan color 8.

Why? The answer is simple; the answer is simple because the shoes themselves are simple. Simply said a classic style in a classic material and color, a shoe that transcends time and space. A shoe I may have worn in the sixties or seventies, which is just as relevant today. Not only are they a true-blooded American icon  they also provide great comfort and support.

There is no other leather I know of that maintains the robust elegance and suppleness of shell cordovan. Add to that the beautiful way the color diffuses at the creases creating a vintage patina and you’ve got the makings of a favorite child.

Don’t get me wrong I love my EG’s, Corthay’s, AS’s and more but right here, right now I love my longwings most.