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Clean Your Suede

My son just returned from spring break in Paris where the weather was cold and rainy for ten straight days. His go to shoes were the Alden snuff suede chukka’s (1493) and I can’t blame him. I wore mine all over Paris in February and loved them. These are great traveling shoes; they’re lightweight, soft and pack flat. They’re equally great because they survive all kinds of elements.

They returned in rough shape and needed a good cleaning. I’m not suggesting they don’t show signs of wear because they do, but I prefer these boots with some wear on them.

In my opinion suede gets a bum wrap, a lot of people tell me they can’t wear it because it’s so delicate. For some reason that used to bother me but now I just smile and think to myself “You don’t know what you’re missing.”

If you’d like to watch our video on washing suede click here.


Post wash and wet

Post wash, dried and brushed