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Category: Leffot

The Reverse Fold

We’re really pleased with the Fold shell cordovan money holder; it’s elegant, simple and as low tech as you can get. Cordovan is very supple leather and develops a wonderful patina over time.

We thought you might like to know that as beautiful as the finished side is the Fold can also be used on the reverse side. I recently began using my color 4 Fold reversed. I like the look of the cordovan on the inside when I open it, as well as the natural finish on the outside; I’m interested to see how the backside will age. It’s all about options.

Purchase the Fold Online HERE

The Ivy Shell Game

The fourth and final color (for now) of the Ivy loafer has arrived and it’s gorgeous. This is Color 6 one of the most beautiful burgundy’s there is. Most everyone is familiar with Color 8 a dark rich burgundy, Color 6 has less intensity than 8 and is brighter which makes the pull-up* more pronounced, a desirable effect and tell tale sign you’re wearing shoes made of cordovan.

We couldn’t be happier with the way these shoes turned out, our thanks to Ron Rider of Rider Boot Co, for all your help in getting them to market. To Mike Rancourt and his talented staff of hand sewers at Rancourt & Co, you’ve done yourselves proud, and to Horween Leather for producing the finest shell* cordovan on the planet for over 100 years.

The Ivy – Horween Unlined Color 6 Shell Cordovan

The Ivy – Horween Unlined Navy Shell Cordovan

The Ivy – Horween Unlined Dark Cognac Shell Cordovan

The Ivy – Horween Unlined Natural Shell Cordovan

*Pull-up – A temporary lightening in color achieved by bending leather. This is caused by the temporary displacement of oils, greases, and/or waxes. – Horween Leather.

*Shell – The subcutaneous, highly dense fiber structure found in the backside of a horse or mule. – Horween Leather.

Blue Ivy

You loved them in dark cognac and unglazed natural, and now our exclusive Ivy loafer is available in unlined navy shell cordovan. These shells are tanned by Horween Leather Co. and make a very handsome shoe. Navy cordovan is a rich deep blue with a luster that only cordovan can produce. We first offered this color in our cordovan watchstraps.

Unlined and moccasin constructed the Ivy is incredibly lightweight, flexible, amazingly comfortable and best worn barefoot.

Ivy Loafer Unlined Navy Shell Cordovan

Take Ivy

“Take Ivy,” is a photo-book released in 1965 featuring photos by T. Hayashida of Ivy League campuses. The book is considered to be the bible of the Ivy League look in Japan. Thus inspired we created our original Leffot “Ivy” loafer in homage to the coolest loafer of the sixties, the “Venetian”.

Clean, smooth and simple this loafer is much more than it appears to be on the surface. Made of  Genuine Horween unlined shell cordovan they are incredibly supple, flexible and light, a joy to slip on and loaf around in. The amount of handwork that goes into a simple pair like these is staggering. Made in Maine and completely hand sewn these shoes are made on true moccasin construction so your feet are wrapped in cordovan top and bottom. In addition it takes the sewer 70% more time to sew a cordovan shoe because there is simply NO margin for error.

Unlined shell cordovan loafers are not easily found. We think you’ll agree these may well be the perfect shoe for spring and summer wear.

These shoes are available in Natural, Dark Cognac, Navy and Color 6 in US sizes Medium widths.

“Ivy” Unglazed Natural Cordovan

“Ivy” Dark Cognac Cordovan

Rider Boot Co. Trunk Show And Ivy

Ron Rider rolls into the Big Apple Friday and Saturday for a Rider Boot Co. trunk show. Ron pulls out all the stops when it comes to samples, leathers and colors. This show will be quite a treat as Ron introduces several great looking new models, many seen for the first time here. There will be plenty to look at and Ron and I will be on hand to assist you with made to order boots. If you’re a boot guy or gal you won’t want to miss it.

The Rider show also marks the debut of our new Leffot “Ivy” Loafer in Horween unlined shell cordovan. These loafers are handsewn in Maine, and true moccasin construction. This is our first Leffot shoe, which we collaborated with Ron Rider on; needless to say we’re very excited about them. Here’s a sneak peek to wet you whistle. The Ivy will be available at the show in unglazed natural (shown) with navy, dark cognac, and color 6 coming soon.

Genuine Horween Shell Cordovan Unlined

Photos courtesy of Ron Rider, thanks Ron


Shell Cordovan; two words known to bring tears of joy to a grown man’s eyes.  Well guess what, it’s not just for feet anymore.  We’re now pleased to offer a fine selection of Genuine Horween shell cordovan watchstraps.

These straps age beautifully, wear for years, and enhance your taste level 1000%. The colors are amazing, some rare some standard but all beautiful.

These watchstraps make a great gift for the “Cordofreak” in your life and hey, like it or not its time to starting to think about that time of year. Don’t worry you can thank us later.

L to T #8 Unlined, Blk/Wht, Natural, Blk/Blk, Dark Brown, #4,Navy, Eggplant, Green

Straps 1 - Leffot

Available in 18, 19, 20 mm. Buckles available in gold or silver colors