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Category: Borsalino

Borsalino Beaver Fedora

There aren’t very many brands that make high quality hats anymore and Borsalino is the best. Their Beaver Felt Fedora is their top-of-the-line hat. You do the math.

Made with luxurious and ultra-soft Beaver fur, this hat is lightweight, comfortable, and beautiful. This is not to mention that its made with the elements in mind and will stand up to precipitation as well as the sun. This is the perfect hat for fall and winter.

Fedora, Brown Beaver Felt

Borsalino Fall Caps

Cool autumn weather begets a smart wool cap to complete an outfit. Borsalino has you covered with these new fall/winter styles.

The Newsboy eight-panel cap is a classic that goes back to the day when no man would be out without a hat. Worn casually or dressed up this cap works well with tweeds, flannel and corduroy.

The trim shape of the Duckbill cap is a smart stylish look that can be worn with denim, khakis, or suits it is one of our favorites and most versatile caps.

Newsboy, Blue Check, 100% Wool

Duckbill, Brown Herringbone, 100% Cashmere

Duckbill, Grey Herringbone, 100% Cashmere

Duckbill, Olive Herringbone, 100% Cashmere

Borsalino Straw Hat

Well, its summer now, whether you like it or not. With temperatures in the high 80s, you’ll have to adjust your wardrobe to accommodate the heat and humidity. Believe it or not, the addition of a straw hat to your summer outfit can help you stay cooler and look better.

If you are new to traditional hats, the straw hat is the perfect hat for beginners. It’s made from 100% Fibre Di Carta, or paper fiber, which is light, easy, and casual. It will pair well with anything from a t-shirt to a seersucker suit. Most importantly, it shades your head and eyes while its porous surface allows the easy flow of the breeze to reach your scalp.

100% Fibre Di Carta, Tan, Hand-Stained Bow, 2.5 Inch Brim

Borsalino Spring/Summer Hats

These unique Borsalino Hats are made from a blend of cotton and the Abaca plant, a unique and durable hemp material native to Banana trees from the Philippines. It’s the perfect material for spring and summer hats, letting the breeze through and keeping the sun out of the eyes.

These hats are lightweight, flexible and easy to wear for any outdoor occasion. You’ll look smart, sophisticated and casual either way.

Check availability HERE

Woven Trilby, Natural/Indigo, Hand-stained Bow

Woven Fedora, Natural/Brown Stripe, Hand-stained Bow

Check availability HERE

Borsalino Caps

Now that autumn is settling in we thought it a good time to proffer some new Borsalino caps. In the same way shoes compliment a wardrobe from the feet up a fine cap compliments it from the head down.

At the end of he day the it’s the attention to details that separate the men from the boys. That’s not to say it takes a great effort, donning a cap can be all it takes.

Founded in 1887 by Alessandro Giuseppe Borsalino the company has been at the forefront of Italian hat design and manufacturing for more than 100 years.

Duckbill Blue/Brown Check, 50% Wool 50% Cotton

Duckbill Dark Olive Herringbone,  100% Cashmere

Duckbill Grey Herringbone,  100% Cashmere

Duckbill Brown Herringbone,  100% Cashmere

Borsalino Small Brims

These small brim hats are very light and flexible, which means they’re comfortable and cool. They’re 90% paper fiber and 10% hemp, which is also cool. Small brims can be worn up or down but in our opinion up is the only way to fly.

Milano Straw Hat, Creme

Milano Straw Hat, Bleu