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Category: Alden

Take Stock

Welcome to 2009, this is a good time to take stock of your shoe inventory, what you still wear and what you don’t. A basic shoe collection should consist of 3 to 4 pairs for dress and casual wear, and should of course be in good condition and worn in rotation.

I recommend one pair be black oxfords even if “you never wear black shoes” trust me there will come a day you will need them. The rest should be according to your work/lifestyle. It’s also a good idea to have a pair for bad weather.

Here is a sample of what a Basic collection could look like of course it can grow exponentially from here:

Church’s Consul

Alden All Weather Walker

Corthay Bucy                                                          Edward Green Westminster

In The Window

This week we are showing a couple of our side windows. We feature the Alden classic Cordovan Tassel loafer in color 8 (Burgundy) and a full compliment of Psycho Bunny cashmere scarf, tie, and new to Leffot the cashmere knit cap and sterling silver cuff links.

And in our other window we feature the new Edward Green Ringwood in Edwardian Antique along with our similar selection of Psycho Bunny wears.

Alden Chukkas

Today we received our reorder of the Alden Chukka Boots in unlined Snuff, and Tan suede. These are on Flex Welt leather soles, which I think, makes them more appealing and also technically qualifies them as Chukka Boots as opposed to Desert Boots. FYI The name, chukka, is derived from field game polo, meaning a period of play. In any case they’re great fun to wear and great looking.

Here I am wearing the Snuff color; they’re light, soft, flexible (of course), casual, classic, and recession proof. By the way my sixteen year old son wears them all the time and loves them.

Steven wearing Psycho Bunny Tie, Grey Cashmere V Neck, APC Jeans, and Snuff Suede Chukkas

Alden Chukkas are available in Tan or Snuff Suede and make an excellent Holiday Gift.

All Weather Shoes

It’s a rainy day in the New York area and my client Joe S. sent me an email this morning asking what shoes I wear in the rain. In my opinion the Alden All Weather Walker is perfect for a light rain. The grained leather upper will withstand some moisture and the natural plantation crepe double outsoles with fitted leather tip keep the soles of your feet dry. Besides they’re just plain comfortable.