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Category: Accessories

Winter Accessories

The small details are often what make an outfit stand out, so when it comes time to choose accessories, it’s important to exercise care in your decisions. The right hat or perfect pair of gloves can provide your outfit with a little bit of pop that takes it to the next level. Winter’s cold weather makes it easy to accessorize, and we recommend Borsalino hats and caps and Thomas Riemer gloves to keep you warm until spring.

Thomas Riemer Gloves

Thomas Riemer gloves are handmade and handcrafted in the TR workshop in Vienna, where they’ve been making gloves since 1845. They are the oldest glovemaker in Vienna, and use only the finest skins, hand-selecting each with meticulous care for the finest quality and construction. We’re proud to introduce Thomas Riemer gloves to the United States.

We’re stocking seven models in three leathers: peccary, kidskin, and lizard nubuck. Each has its own benefits, but all are of exceptional quality and comfort. They’ll keep your hands warm through the winter in style.

Thomas Riemer Gloves

Pantherella Socks

If you wear great shoes, you owe it to yourself to wear great socks. We recently added some new merino socks from Pantherella to our stock. They’ll spice up an outfit without drawing unnecessary attention away from the man wearing them.

All Pantherella socks are made in England and hand-linked at the toe for maximum comfort. They have a satiny finish and a silky hand. You have to feel them to truly understand how luxurious they are. We offer models in both merino wool and cotton, so you’re covered year-round.

Edward Green MTO a la Suede

Edward Green is regarded by many to be “The finest shoes in England for the discerning few.” A more classic English shoe would be hard to find. Having been in business for more than 120 years Edward Green has become discreetly famous for probably the finest welted shoes.

We received a shipment of Edward Green Made to Order shoes and they’re as beautiful and elegant as ever particularly in suede and calf and suede combinations.

We invite you to join us on May 30th for our Edward Green trunk show. Global Sales Director, Xavier Candat, and U.S. Representative Robert Godley will be here to present the collection.

Elston Belt Reissue

What is a belt? Is it merely a device to hold your pants up, we think not after all you could wear suspenders for that. Done well in quality leather it’s that detail of clothing like quality shoes, which enhance your outfit. And at the end of the day doesn’t it all come down to the details? We mixed it up a bit with these new Horween x Leffot Elston belts.

The belts feature Horween leathers and Old English Brass buckles. All belts and buckles are made in the USA and sold exclusively at Leffot.

Black Wooly Grain CXL, 35mm, Old English Brass Buckle
Brown Ruffian, 35mm, Old English Brass Buckle

Burgundy Latigo, 35mm, Old English Brass Buckle

Black Wooly CXL, 35mm, Old English Brass Buckle

Brown CXL, 35mm, Old English Brass Buckle