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Boot Dressing

Originally posted 1/3/10

Now that winter seems to be settling in on most parts of the country we thought it might be a good time to re-post this video.

So many have asked us how to treat and protect their boots for winter that we’ve decided to put together a short video. Caring for your boots is not very difficult and if you take a little time to work on them it’ll go a long way to help protecting them.

The frequency of dressing your boots depends on the weather. You can’t over do it but you don’t have to go gonzo either. If it’s very wet do it more say once a week, if it’s not then once a month should be fine. If you live in a cold area the dry heat in your home will require you to dress them more often. There’s no definitive schedule but you’ll begin to know when just by looking at the condition of your boots.