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Alden x Leffot Saddle Shoes

Today we received two pairs of saddle shoes from Alden. The first is a new makeup for us in Loden and Brown Alpine Grain Calfskins, and the second is a restock of the popular Color 8 Shell Cordovan and Brown Alpine Grain shoe. These preppy pairs are made for us on the Barrie last with oil-soaked flex soles. They’re light as a feather and look great with jeans and khakis, as well as gray or navy slacks.

At the height of their popularity during the fifties and sixties Saddle Shoes were a staple of preppy Ivy Leaguers’. The preppy doctrine Take Ivy includes an Ivy Wardrobe Directory, which lists the following shoes.

Barrie Last, Loden Calfskin/Brown Alpine Grain Calfskin, Flex Welt Soles
Barrie Last, Color 8 Shell Cordovan/Brown Alpine Grain, Flex Welt Soles