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Alden Pre-order Guide

The process

We regularly place orders for exclusive Alden x Leffot shoes and boots. When Alden has the material and production space to produce a model, they send us a confirmation for that order. We offer models for pre-order once we receive Alden’s confirmation, since it means the shoes are ready to go into production.

Pre-orders are taken online or in store for previously-stocked Alden models. Each order contains a limited number of pairs. We announce pre-orders through our website, email list, and social media accounts. Our email list is the best way to find out about new pre-orders. You can sign up through this link.

We typically announce pre-orders within a few days of receiving confirmation from Alden. Since confirmations are dependent on available materials and production space, it’s difficult for us to say when or if we’ll offer a model for pre-order. We understand this can be frustrating, but we do our best to announce pre-orders as soon as we receive confirmation.

We send pre-order announcements a day or two before we start accepting orders. We understand not everyone can be available when the pre-order launches, but in an effort keep the process as fair as possible, we simply cannot accept requests before the designated time.

Non-stock sizes

Our stock size runs are 6.5D – 12D and 7.5E – 10.5E, however this will vary by model and will be indicated on each order. Sizes or widths outside these ranges are considered non-stock.

Requests for non-stock sizes can be made by email no earlier than the posted launch time. We are unable to accommodate requests made before the posted time. Requests will be honored on a first-come, first-served basis.

We will post a non-stock deadline for each pre-order. We can add non-stock sizes to our pre-orders if the request is made before the given deadline and space is available. We require a full deposit for non-stock sizes.

Sold out

If your size sells out or disappears while you’re in the process of checking out, send us an email. If the order has not been finalized with Alden, we may be able to add the size for you. Once the product page indicates that an order has been finalized with Alden, we cannot make additions or changes.

If the product page says “sold out,” the order is truly sold out, and we cannot add any pairs.

Waiting lists

Once an order has been finalized, we will start a waiting list for sold-out sizes. In the event that a pair becomes available, we will contact you to see if you’re still interested in the shoe.

Alden generally does not provide updates on delivery. Once we have confirmation for an order it takes approximately 24 to 32 weeks to receive, but it can take longer.

We developed this pre-order process because we believe it is the most efficient and fair method of offering these exclusive models to everyone on a first-come, first-served basis.

We realize that certain models may be extremely desirable and sell out quickly. We regret that we can’t order an unlimited number of pairs, but that is generally a limitation of materials and inventory management.

We hope this helps clarify our pre-order process. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us directly.