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Leffot now stocks a number of new shoe care products by Abbeyhorn. Each product is an astounding piece of craftsmanship, made with the highest quality materials.

Abbeyhorn brushes are hand carved from Oxen horn. Each horn is uniquely different due to its color and texture. The process requires considerable skill of the horn worker from the first cut of the horn to ensure that the resultant shoehorn becomes a much-cherished item. Therefore the carver must work with the horn while carving to bring out the special quality of each, and no two are exactly alike.T

he dauber brushes are carved from bone and come in two color bristles. They’re excellent for applying polish to those hard to reach areas. And lastly this handsome brush with inlaid horn is ideal for shining shoes or for use as a clothes brush.

These shoe brushes, suede brushes, daubers, and button hooks will age beautifully, along with your shoe collection.

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Large Ox Horn Shoe Brush, Horsehair Bristles

Small Ox Horn Shoe Brush, Horsehair Bristles

Bone Dauber

Ox Horn Suede Brush, Pig Bristles

Stag Antler Button Hook

Deer Bone Polishing Bone